SF9 Taeyang Tests Positive For COVID-19

Credit: SF9/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: SF9/YouTube Screenshot

SF9 main dancer Taeyang is confirmed to be diagnosed with COVID-19.

Fans of SF9 received unfortunate news on the first day of April when FNC Entertainment announced on the group's official fan cafe that Taeyang had tested positive for the virus.

Taeyang has conducted a self-test kit as a preemptive measure due to symptoms of a sore throat on March 31. As soon as he did the self-test kit, he conducted a PCR test the next morning and the results came positive.

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FNC Entertainment Assures Fans About The Health And Safety Of SF9 Taeyang

After confirming the news, FNC Entertainment released an official statement regarding the health and safety of Taeyang.

The idol member is not experiencing any severe symptoms aside from a mild sore throat and is currently doing a home quarantine following the safety measures set by the quarantine authorities.

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Here is the official statement from FNC Entertainment.

Hello. This is FNC Entertainment.
SF9 member Yoo Taeyang had tested positive last night (March 31) after conducting a self-test kit as a preemptive measure due to symptoms of a sore throat.
On the morning of April 1, he went to the hospital to conduct a PCR test and the results came that he is positive for COVID-19.
Currently, Yoo Taeyang only experiences a mild sore throat and no other severe symptoms. He will be self-quarantined and properly take necessary measures in accordance with the guidelines set by the quarantine authorities. He will concentrate on having proper rest and focus on his fast recovery.
We are asking for your understanding of this sudden news. We will do our best to fulfill the health guidelines from the quarantine authorities and prioritize our artists' health and safety.

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SF9 Sends Off Two Members To The Military

On February 5, 2022, SF9 Inseong announced that he would start his mandatory military enlistment on March 21. He is currently serving as part of the military band.

Days after, SF9 leader Youngbin announced that he would also be entering the military as an active-duty soldier on March 29.

Meanwhile, SF9 previously finished their third solo concert Live Fantasy 3: IMPERFECT, which was conducted from January 21 until January 23, 2022, at the Olympic Hall, Seoul.

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