Queendom Season 2 Records Higher Ratings Than First Season And Kingdom: Legendary War

Credit: Mnet K-POP/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Mnet K-POP/YouTube Screenshot

Queendom Season 2 writes history as it hits higher ratings compared to Queendom Season 1 and Kingdom: Legendary War.

On March 31, Queendom Season 2 opened its door to an exciting competition between six girl groups and a tense face-to-face introduction and the season’s first mission.

Brave Girls, VIVIZ, WJSN, LOONA, Kepler, and Hyolyn meet each other in the first episode. Instead of a scary atmosphere as it is a competition, the six artists exchanged heartwarming messages filled with admiration and respect.

With all the artists gathered, Taeyeon and Lee Yong Jin joined them to officially start Queendom Season 2 and announced their first mission that is completely upscaled and improved.

In particular, Queendom Season 2 will be broadcasted live on Mnet Korea, Mnet Japan, and Avema TV in Japan. International viewers also can watch the show through a live stream on the Mnet K-POP YouTube channel.

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Queendom Season 2 Premieres With High Ratings

Nielsen Korea released that the new Mnet entertainment program Queendom Season 2 recorded a nationwide viewership rating of 0.8% on its premiere. This was a 0.3% increase compared to the first episode rating of Queendom Season 1, which was 0.5%.

In addition, Queendom Season 2’s first episode rating was nearly doubled compared to the first episode rating of 0.45% of Kingdom: Legendary War in 2021.

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Queendom Season 2 Episode 1 Features First Mission Performances From VIVIZ And Hyolyn

The first mission for Queendom Season 2 is for the participants to perform their representative songs. The girl groups’ performances will be scored through live audience voting, self-evaluation, and global voting.

Out of the six girl groups, only five of them were able to perform on the day. LOONA abstained from the first mission as all members tested positive for COVID-19.

VIVIZ performed first and went onstage with an emotional stage of GFRIEND’s songs “Time for the moon night” and “Rough.”

The magnificent arrangement of the two songs showcased an eye-catching performance that highlighted VIVIZ’s excellent group choreography and the members’ elegance.

By the end of the performance, the debut date of GFRIEND and VIVIZ appeared, adding meaning to the already emotional stage. VIVIZ consists of former GFRIEND members SinB, Eunha, and Umji.

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On the other hand, Hyolyn chose to perform SISTAR’s “Touch My Body.” As she is currently promoting as a solo artist, Hyolyn acknowledged the difficulties of performing alone.

“I hope it’s not just a stage that I will be satisfied with myself, but I wish the audience will also enjoy.” - Hyolyn

Hyolyn worked hard in preparing for her stage as she personally purchased the props. And all her hard work definitely paid off as she presented a stage reminiscent of paradise, and she had also received endless praises and respect for her professionalism.

In particular, seconds before Hyolyn’s performance started, her boots got ripped and they had to make last-minute adjustments to her costume.

Not minding the issue with her outfit, Hyolyn performed passionately and left the audience in awe with her attractive voice and flawless moves.

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Queendom Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date

Queendom Season 2 Episode 2 will be released on April 7, 2022 at 9:20 PM KST. The sequel to Queendom is far different as it expands its global voting features and also the participation of Girls’ Generation leader and main vocalist Taeyeon as the grandmaster.

Meanwhile, huge expectations are focused on who will be the final girl group to take the throne and prove their worth as the new queen.

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