SEVENTEEN Surprises Fans With World Tour Announcement Ahead Scheduled Comeback

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: HYBE LABELS/YouTube Screenshot

SEVENTEEN is preparing an exciting year for CARAT.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, SEVENTEEN ensured that they could keep in touch with their fans by releasing albums and singles. Before 2021 ended, they dropped their ninth EP, Attacca, and Japanese single Power of Love.

As usual, the K-pop group confirmed that they are preparing something exciting for fans – and CARAT would surely have a bountiful year ahead.

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SEVENTEEN To Have Productive 2022!

After announcing their comeback this spring, SEVENTEEN held their sixth fan meeting, SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND. It marked their first in-person event after three years.

The K-pop group offered hilarious dance covers of several soloists, including Lisa’s LALISA, Chungha’s Roller Coaster, and Somi’s Dumb Dumb, among others. Before wrapping up the event, several members shared their heartfelt messages to fans for being with them after three years.

SEVENTEEN’s leader S. Coups shared his worries that they might lose CARATs after not having enough offline concerts and fan meetings. But after having their SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND, he reportedly no longer felt worried because of the overwhelming support they received.

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“We get our entire schedule for the year at once. If Carat isn’t standing in front of us, it feels like a wall. We wonder, ‘Can we really do this much work in a year?’ But when we see Carats, we feel like we can do everything and more,” he went on.

Meanwhile, Seungkwan acknowledged that their fans waited as much as they did, so he expressed his gratitude for being able to see CARATs again. In return, he pledged that the group would work harder in the next few months and years.

Hoshi then revealed the surprise to fans, revealing their schedule this year. The K-pop idol said that they would have a pre-release single in April before dropping their fourth studio album in May. He and the whole group confirmed that they would have a world tour later this year.

SEVENTEEN Drops 1st Teaser of 2022 Comeback

While having their best time at the fan meeting, SEVENTEEN officially uploaded their first teaser for their spring comeback.

The 39-second clip featured the hair-raising official motion logo, hinting that the K-pop idols are gearing up to mark a new era.

PLEDIS Entertainment has not released an official timeline for SEVENTEEN’s comeback yet.

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