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Mijoo Heartbreak: Former Lovelyz Member Opens Up About Painful Past Breakup

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Credit: 1THEK/YouTube Screenshot

Mijoo has shown her bright aura even after several issues bombarded her career as an idol.

After years of performing as an idol, Mijoo shifted her career and left Lovelyz’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, for good. She already transferred to Yoo Jae Suk’s agency, Antenna, and became part of Hang Out With Yoo’s project group, Toyote.

Many people are now curious about her love life that she has a blooming career as a soloist, and she revealed more details about it during her recent show appearance.

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Mijoo Reveals Painful Breakup in the Past

On the latest episode of My Little Old Boy, Mijoo entertained the show’s hosts with her usual charm and story. But behind her bubbly appearance hides a heartbreak she experienced in the past.

Host Seo Jang Hoon told the viewers that the idol-turned-variety star is the type of person who gives her all when she falls in love. She reportedly gives everything she has to the person she loves, and Mijoo herself agreed to the host’s statement.

Mijoo then gave an example and mentioned an ex-boyfriend she dated a long time ago.

According to the 27-year-old star, her then-boyfriend was only a student when they began dating. With that, he reportedly did not have the money to buy himself what he needs.

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She recalled how she bought him a heating pad and padded coat to keep him warm during winter. She also bought him necessities for his place and shoes, and even got his parents present whenever there was an occasion.

Seo Jang Hoon asked him why did they break up, to which Mijoo responded:

“One day, I showed up at our date at the scheduled time, and he never came. I wondered where he’d gone, so I went around looking through all the spas and internet cafes in the area, but I couldn’t find him anywhere. Three hours passed by, and I finally went to his house and knocked on the door. And he had just woken up.”

The show’s celebrity mothers assured her that she did the right thing when she broke up with him. Mijoo agreed to them and said that she bets her ex-boyfriend now regrets what he did to her in the past.

Mijoo Goes on a Date!

Before opening up about her ex-boyfriend, Mijoo had a surprise blind date in an episode of Six Sense 3. The March 18 episode of the variety show showed the production crew’s fake setup, featuring a representative from a marriage information agency.

The marriage agency representative matched the variety star with a “diamond club member” who graduated from a university in the United States. Her blind date, born in 1997, already launched a startup company in the US that earns a salary of $165,000.

Although Mijoo is yet to have an actual date, fans are now hoping that she will find love soon.

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