Seungri Sex Scandal 2021: Is Former BIGBANG Member's Jail Time Less Than What Military Prosecutors Had Sought?

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Ex-BIGBANG member Seungri had been sentenced to three years in jail over the Burning Sun nightclub scandal. The former K-pop star was also convicted of illegal gambling overseas in the United States at the end of a lengthy trial that started in March 2020.

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Ex-BIGBANG Member Seungri Sentenced For Multiple Charges Including Prostitution Mediation And Overseas Gambling


The Military Court in Yongin held the trial for Seungri on Aug. 12. Though the "Gotta Talk To U" singer denied most of the charges filed against him, the authorities said his inconsistent statements made them acknowledge all nine charges made against him.

He was, then, sentenced to three years imprisonment and a hefty fine of 11 hundred million KRW or roughly $945,074 USD.

The former BIGBANG member has been taken into custody, as per Koreaboo. Article 137 of the Military Service Act states that an active service soldier will be transferred to wartime labor if he is sentenced to more than a year and a half of prison time.

The three-year prison sentence Seungri received is less than the five-year imprisonment military prosecutors had sought in July 2021, according to Rappler.

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Ex-BIGBANG Member Seungri And The Details Of Charges Filed Against Him

Yonhap News Agency reported that Seungri came to the center of the probe after he was accused of being involved in the Burning Sun scandal in 2019. For starters, the scandal involved numerous high-profile personalities who had been convicted of criminal acts committed in the Burning Sun nightclub, where the "Fantastic Baby" hitmaker was the public relations director.


The Seoul Police Department, then, launched an investigation into the claims that Seungri offered prostitutes to investors of the Burning Sun nightclub in February 2019. YG Entertainment, which is the agency of BIGBANG, denied the accusations and claimed that the story was totally false and fabricated.

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It was in August 2019 when the police questioned Seungri for illicit gambling overseas. In September 2020, Soompi reported that the ex-BIGBANG member admitted to one of the eight charges filed against him during the first hearing, which is the violation of the Foreign Exchange Transition Act.

Seungri, at the time, was indicted on eight charges, which include violation of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, violation of the Food Sanitation Act, habitual gambling, prostitution mediation, purchase of prostitution services, embezzlement, and violation of the Act on the Aggravated Punishment among others. He was also charged with special violence instigation in January 2021.

On a hearing in June 2021, Seungri categorically denied a number of charges such as habitual gambling, embezzlement, illegally filming hidden camera footage, prostitution mediation, and prostitution services. The former BIGBANG member announced his retirement from the entertainment industry in March 2019.

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