Song Hye Kyo, Other Now, We're Breaking Up Cast To Pre-Record Production Presentation Ahead Of Jang Ki Yong Enlistment

Credit: Viki Global TV

Credit: Viki Global TV

It seems like the production presentation of Song Hye Kyo's upcoming new drama titled Now, We're Breaking Up will be pre-recorded ahead of the mandatory military enlistment of its lead actor, Jang Ki Yong.

The imminent K-drama is set to be released in the second half of 2021. Keep on reading to know more details about the imminent Now, We're Breaking Up series.

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Now, We're Breaking UpProduction Presentation To Happen Earlier Than Scheduled

The production team of Now, We're Breaking Up released an official announcement about some changes due to the forthcoming enlistment of Jang Ki Yong. The statement read:

"The male lead actor, Jang Ki Yong, will be enlisting in the mandatory military service this month so we have decided to pre-record the production presentation."

An official of Now, We're Breaking Up explained that the harmony between the K-drama's cast is very important as it is a sentimental melodrama in nature. So, instead of doing the show sans Jang Ki Yong, they decided to pre-record his scenes before he officially steps away from the spotlight to serve his country.

"Since this drama is a sentimental melodrama genre, we decided that it is more important to show the relationship and the harmony between the lead actors. Therefore, we decided that we will be pre-recording rather than doing the production presentation without Jang Ki Yong."

All Kpop reported that drama production presentations are usually held on the day of the show's first broadcast. However, because of Jang Ki Yong's situation, all cast members agreed to pre-record the presentation to sit down together and discuss the drama on August 23, which is earlier than the original schedule

Reports have it that Song Hye Kyo, Choi He Seo, Park Hyo Joo, Kim Hoo Heon, and Yoo NamWoo will be attending the production presentation for Now, We're Breaking Up. Of course, director Lee Gil Bok and Jang Ki Yong will also be gracing the said event.

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Now, We're Breaking UpRelease Date, Cast, Plot And Where To Watch

For starters, Now, We Are Breaking Up is scheduled to premiere in November 2021. The drama, which will be aired on Fridays and Saturdays at 10 p.m. KST, will depict the story of love and the bittersweetness of a breakup.

Though Now, We Are Breaking Up will serve as Song Hye Kyo's return to the small screens, it will also be the last project of Jang Ki Yong before enlistment. The upcoming K-drama will also feature EXO member Sehun, Nam Gi Ae, Cho Hong Il, Song Hoo Hyun, Yoon Jung Hee, Yura, Kim Seun Se, Kim Do Geon and Shin Dong Wook among others.

It remains to be seen if Now, We Are Breaking Up will be streamed on Netflix. However, it was previously announced that the SBS television series will also be available on Viu and Vuclip.

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