Seo Ye Ji's New Drama Eve Confirms Official Release Date

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Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

tvN unveils the first look at the upcoming K-drama of Seo Ye Ji titled Eve.

Finally, after months of waiting, fans get to see a sneak peek of her comeback series alongside Lee Sang Yeob, Park Byung Eun and Yoo Sun.

In a 56-second video, the broadcast network introduces the cast members as they give a glimpse of the upcoming romance drama.

Seo Ye Ji's New Drama: Eve Release Date Set to Air on May 25

As tvN gears up for the forthcoming premiere of Seo Ye Ji's new drama, the broadcast network shared the behind-the-scenes and clips during the script reading.

On its official Instagram, tvN named the female lead as a fatal female hero who will "break down the top 1% of Korea."

Moreover, the network hints at the K-drama's focus, a "revenge with passion," adding that Eve's release date is set on May 25 a 10:30 pm K.S.T. and will be the newest Wednesday and Thursday drama that will get viewers all hooked.

As seen in the teaser, Eve introduced the actress' character as the stunning Lee Ra El, flaunting a princess-like visuals.

Interestingly, this is also the South Korean beauty's first appearance on TV after the controversy in 2021 that almost ended her showbiz career.

#SeoYeJi Trends as tvN Unveils Eve Cast Members

Following the sneak peek featuring the highly anticipated series, #SeoYeJi trends on Twitter as fans welcomed the actress on her K-drama comeback.

Netizens showed their support by making her name a trending topic on social media. It is their way to show their love and support for the actress amid the issues she encountered in 2021.

With this, most fans mentioned how excited they were to see the actress amaze viewers with her stellar performance and top-notch acting skills.

In addition, some noted that they are proud to see Seo Ye Ji rise from the negative publicity and start a new life with a new K-drama.

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Seo Ye Ji Controversy: The Allegations that Almost Tainted her Career

In 2021, the It's Okay to Not be Okay star was embroiled in an issue involving her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun.

At the time, various outlets accused Seo Ye Ji of manipulating her then-lover.

She reportedly barred the actor from doing skinship scenes or showing intimacy or closeness on screen.

However, after ten months since the controversy sparked, Seo Ye Ji broke her silence and issued a formal apology.

As noted by Soompi, the actress apologized for addressing the issue quite late.

Seo Ye Ji said that she "has been taking time to reflect" on herself and "sincerely apologize for making many people uncomfortable" due to her shortcomings.


Concluding her statement, the actress explained that it all stemmed from her "immaturity" but "will work hard to behave more carefully in the future."

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