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Seo Hyun Jin Weight Loss: Why Her Star Sparks Concern After Shedding Extra Pounds

Credit: Vui Singapoe / YouTube screenshot

Seo Hyun Jin addresses viewers’ concerns regarding her noticeable weight loss in her recent K-drama Why Her?

The weekend series which aired from June 3 to July 23 gained positive responses from the public but also sparked health issues with the 37-year-old lead star.

Seo Hyun Jin’s Weight Loss: Actress Responds to Concern About her Health

Why Her? is Seo Hyun Jin’s K-drama comeback after the 2021 thriller romance series You Are My Spring.

In the 16-part episode series, the actress took the role of Oh Soo Jae, a top-tier lawyer, and the youngest partner at one of the nation’s most prestigious law offices, TK Law Firm.

It features how Oh Soo Jae is determined to be one of the country’s best lawyers, whatever it takes.

As obtained by KBizzom, Seo Hyun Jin spoke about her weight loss during her appearance on Allure Korea’s YouTube channel.

In one of the clips, the actress asked her stylist about the most challenging part of the drama filming.

The stylist manager responded and pointed out shedding an extra pounds throughout the filming.

“Hyun-jin lost a lot of weight while filming, so it was necessary for us to adjust the size of her outfits,” the stylist mentioned, pointing out how they had to adapt to the actress’ change in her body.

However, the 37-year-old star said that she did not lose weight purposely but was one of the good points of her character.

“The script has a line that goes, ‘Look at her losing weight. Her face is going to disappear.’ But Mirim (actress Lee Ju-woo) said in surprise, ‘Your weight…’” she explained, recalling one of the scenes in Why Her?

“There were a lot of emotional scenes and a lot of scenes that consumed physical strength,” she said, adding that she also might lose a lot of weight because of “staying up many nights.”

However, she explained that she balances it by eating the right food to stay healthy.

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Seo Hyun Jin’s Heartfelt Message for Successfully Wrapping Up Why Her?

As noted by Soompi, Seo Hyun Jin expressed her gratitude for the support of their K-drama.

She shared that it was one of the projects that “took a long time to film and one that took my focus in many ways.”

Moreover, she is also grateful for the popularity of the K-drama as some viewers even visited the places that appeared in the series.

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