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Why Her Actress Seo Hyun Jin Discloses How Hit K-Drama Helped Her To Self-Reflect

Credit: SBS CATCH/YouTube Screenshot

Why Her star Seo Hyun Jin grew better when he starred in the K-drama series.

SBS offered another hit legal romance series Why Her this year. It tells the story of a talented lawyer, Oh Soo Jae (played by Seo Hyun Jin), who makes a record by becoming the youngest partner of TK Law Firm, one of the best in Korea.

Her notable performances in the courtroom highlight her righteousness and desire to win every case she handles. For someone who grew up savoring success, Oh Soo Jae faces the darkest moment in her life when she gets involved in a case that leads her to be demoted to work.

She starts working as a professor at a law school, where she meets Hwang In Yeop’s Gong Chan.

After scoring the role, the actress reflected on the things she learned while playing lawyer Oh Soo Jae’s role.

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Seo Hyun Jin Says She Learned While Working on Set

Speaking in an interview through her agency, Management Soop, after the series ended, she opened up about the positive things she went through while working on the project.

As quoted by The Korea Times, the actress said that the project required a long time of production. Since she put herself on it for a long time, she reportedly felt sad that it had ended already.

“I learned more about working on the set and about me as a person through this series. This particular work had a long production time and required me to put energy into various aspects of it. It feels like the time went by so fast so I'm rather sad (that it's over),” she said.

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Seo Hyun Jin also learned from the veteran actors she worked with in the series, including Heo Jun Ho and Kim Chang Wan.

With the lessons she got, she established a goal to have fewer talks and thoughts and put her energy into contemplating instead. She also reminded herself to be flexible and do things with all her mind and heart.

Seo Hyun Jin Reflects on Why Her Success

Why Her famously recorded a 6 percent viewership rating during its premiere on June 3. It ended its stint on Saturday with an all-time high rating of 10.7 percent.

As for the record it made, Seo Hyun Jin spoke up about not being able to grasp the series’ popularity even after it ended.

"I haven't had a chance to be out to places where I can actually feel (the series' popularity). But when people around me have asked about the locations where we filmed scenes, I felt that a lot of people are watching it, so I am thankful," she went on.

Aside from Why Her, Seo Hyun Jin also stars in the film Cassiopeia.

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