See What Aldis Hodge's Hawkman Would Look Like in Comic-Accurate Costume

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Credit: Universal Studios

In case you weren't keeping up with some DC news, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's upcoming DC Extended Universe film Black Adam has found its Hawkman in The Invisible Man star Aldis Hodge, and it's a controversial choice, to say the least.

Credit: DC Comics

Following the official confirmation of Hodge's involvement in the film, fans wasted no time and came up with their own concept arts depicting him as the mighty Carter Hall and I gotta say, it's looking pretty sweet! But to those wondering how he'd look like with a more comic-accurate costume, artist @datrinitiart on Instagram did just that, giving Aldis a more faithful and familiar interpretation and it looks just as amazing, if not better. Check it out in all its glory below:

As I mentioned, Aldis' casting has torn the entire geek community in half since some were hoping that DC would actually cast an actor of Egyptian descent. But hey, "diversity" is the name of the game these days and the superhero film genre is no stranger to casting actors who look nothing like their comic-book counterparts. My take on this is, as long as Aldis gives "justice" (no pun intended) to the role, which I'm sure he will, that's all that matters to me as a fan.

Black Adam is slated for release in 2022!

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