See Darth Vader's Rise to Power in New Star Wars Comic Series

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Marvel has detailed the new Darth Vader series, which happens to also flesh out the life and story of the Sith Lord from the time that Anakin Skywalker had finally taken on the name of Darth Vader.

Announced via the official Star Wars website, writer Charles Soule shares a bit of the Vader's early exploits in the dark side.


Perhaps an interesting point here is how Vader's choice to be evil is actually justified, perhaps sin the most enlightening way.

"Vader, on some level, knows that he is a monster—that he has to know this, because he still has that famous spark of good left somewhere deep inside him. He knows (again, probably unconsciously) that the moment he allows himself to even consider a path that isn't complete and utter darkness, he'll fall—and he's right, as we see in Return of the Jedi. So, he doubles down on the dark side as almost a coping method."

Apart from the relationship between Palpatine and Vader—one that the author describes to be far from phony or user-friendly—the Darth Vader series will also look into and flesh out even more the start of the Inquisitor program. This means that, beyond seeing the slow rise of Darth Vader into what he will be when we finally get to see him reign terror, Darth Vader will also look at how Palpatine brought up his empire, the military, and the Imperial society.

As a bonus to pick up the first few books in the series, Soule teases that he had kicked open the entire series by looking into how Vader had gotten his iconic red lightsaber. It's something that he describes as the urgency that follows with the quest that Vader will embark on.

Darth Vader will be an ongoing series set to arrive from Marvel this June. It will be written by Soule and drawn by artist Giuseppe Camuncoli.

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