Kong: Skull Island Gets a Prequel Comic

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Kong: Skull Island may have given a teaser look for the world of King Kong. However, that's not the end—or the beginning of everything.

At the very least, fans have the option to see the origins of the giant ape, thanks to Legendary's upcoming comic book, Skull Island: The Birth of Kong. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the comics will be a mini-series that spans four issues total. What's more, it's supposed to expand the mythology of King Kong, not only to show us where it all began, but also shed light on some of the mysteries of Skull Island.

Interestingly, the spin-off comic series is supposed to be a prequel and sequel to Kong: Skull Island. It will zoom in on Monarch agents who are trying to unearth more details about King Kong as well as see his connections to the island. The comic is supposed to also point readers to the reason as to why he became King of the creatures there.


This is the most that is known about the prequel comic. But the story and art will be care of Arvid Nelson (Red Sonja) and Zid, an artist from Malaysia. Legendary will release Skull Island: The Birth of Kong in bookstores and via its digital website on April 5.

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