Marvel’s Baby Groot Comic Series Speaks Loudly with Charm & Cuteness

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Of all the characters coming in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, one of the most adorable would have to be Baby Groot. When those eyes look up at you before innocently almost pressing the wrong button, it's really hard to get angry.

Just a little after the movie debuts in theaters, a new Marvel comic series titled I Am Groot will arrive bringing in the lovable little guy. However, in his new series, Groot will be all alone as a vulnerable little baby without his caretakers, so it will be an entirely different adventure.

CBR talked to writer Christopher Hastings, who shared a little about what I Am Groot will be about, and how exactly the dynamics of a three-word-speaking will go for a comic series.

For starters, it should be noted that Hastings has been the writer charged with characters like Gwenpool and Loki, characters who have a history for the spoken word. Now that Groot will be very limiting as a character—and no, they don't plan on changing his catchphrase—Hastings shared that this challenge brings him back to the roots of storytelling.

"I think I'd be telling a much different story if this were a Groot who could stomp and thrash his way through problems. His vulnerability at this size, his diminished abilities, these are things that helped me determine the type of story that will make them an issue."

Since Groot will also be away from his teammates, it will also introduce a new world with new characters. But Groot won't be entirely alone, as he will have his own ally who is a native of the land Groot is stuck in. The ally also has a dog's head and a robot body, so that has to be another layer of interesting.

If Hastings were to describe the world drawn by artist Flaviano Armentaro, it would be almost fantastical, "a story of a child who is lost and must navigate a strange and scary place to get back home." That's certainly one way to make Groot's cuteness shine—for the time being that he's this bite-size beansprout.

I Am Groot will charm you into getting a copy come May.

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