Secret Invasion: Olivia Colman Reportedly Playing Gender-Swapped Hero

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During their recent San Diego Comic-Con Hall H panel, Marvel Studios showed the crowd exclusive footage of the upcoming series Secret Invasion which includes a first look at Olivia Colman's mysterious character, who seems to be on the good side. The exact details regarding her role are being kept under wraps which leads to fans speculating whether she will be playing a familiar character from the comics or not.

Now, The Illuminerdi has reported that Colman is playing a gender-swapped Falsworth (aka Union Jack) in Secret Invasion. It is unknown yet how the character will play into the story or whether it is actually based on Jacqueline Falsworth (aka Spitfire in the comics), which is what some fans are speculating about when the report came.


The news has not been confirmed by Marvel nor reported by the major trades so we have to take it with a grain of salt. However, the outlet has reported a lot of accurate exclusive news in the past so there is a higher likelihood that the information is true.

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The character of Union Jack has previously made an appearance in the MCU with James Montgomery Falsworth in Captain America: The First Avenger played by JJ Feild. In the film, Falsworth was one of the POWs who were held captive by HYDRA before they were freed by Captain America and eventually become part of the Howling Commandos. There is a chance that Colman's Falsworth is his descendant.

It is interesting to hear that Colman might be playing the Union Jack in the series since the character is known to be a superhero in the comics and it's a role that you wouldn't expect for her to play. Obviously, we don't have confirmation yet on how she will play into the story or perhaps there will be a twist where she turns out to be a Skrull.

Nevertheless, Colman's involvement in the series is exciting enough since she is a talented actress as proven by her Oscar and Emmy wins and, according to the ones who saw the SDCC footage, her role is definitely going to be pivotal to Nick Fury's journey.

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Secret Invasion is slated for release on Disney+ in early 2023.