03 Apr 2018 3:21 PM +00:00 UTC

Sea of Thieves Gets Honest Trailer, and It Sinks Deep

Since its release last month, Sea of Thieves, the latest sandbox pirate adventure game from Rare, has received a lot of attention both positive and negative, and it even managed to bring more players than the servers could handle in its first week. While some people think the game offers a lot of fun things to do in its massive world, others believe that it's only short-lived experience that's not worth its $60 price. 

Smosh Games released an Honest Game Trailer for Sea of Thieves that points out the game's repetitive quests, its lack of character customization options, and the chaotic things you can do in the game. I haven't played the game but after watching this trailer, I get the impression that players run out of fun things to do fast. It's almost like being stuck in a ship that you don't want to ride for long, and you have no choce but to feel sick and vomit. 

Watch the Honest Game Trailer below: 


Sea of Thieves is now available on Microsoft Windows 10 and Xbox One. 

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