29 Apr 2021 10:58 AM +00:00 UTC

Ryan Reynolds Hypes Up Johnny Cage Casting in Mortal Kombat 2 in Epic Post

Credit: 20th Century Studios

DC and Marvel star Ryan Reynolds can seemingly take on any role imaginable and we've pretty much established that over the course of his stellar acting career. While the Canadian actor is gearing up for Deadpool's much-awaited arrival to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans and gamers alike want to see him become part of the Mortal Kombat film franchise as the charismatic movie-star-turned-fighter Johnny Cage.

The character was excluded from the 2021 remake of the film based on the iconic video game but it's almost guaranteed that Cage will finally be making his grand debut in the sequel. Plans for Mortal Kombat 2 haven't been disclosed by given the fact that the 2021 film is performing extremely well at the box office, it's safe to assume that Warner Bros. is already fast-tracking the follow-up film.

Unsurprisingly, Reynolds who happens to be social media savvy is already aware of the fan castings, and guess what, he's actually up to take on the role! Taking to his official Twitter account, Ryan posted a GIF image of himself transformed as the fan-favorite video game character. And in true Ryan Reynolds fashion, he used the opportunity to promote Mint Mobile, the prepaid mobile service provider which he purchased an ownership stake in 2019. Check it out here:

While I'm more than convinced that Reynolds will do Johnny Cage justice, I feel like the character is already similar to Deadpool who also happens to be a massive goofball and is also R-rated. I'm sure he'll do great given the opportunity but the comparisons will undoubtedly be there. I also fear that he'll be a victim of overexposure if ever he took on the role but that's just me.

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