Ryan Reynolds Heartbroken as Hugh Jackman Reveals They Aren't Best Friends

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There is little doubt that Marvel fans believe that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are the best of friends. After all, the stars of X-Men Origins: Wolverine love to poke fun at each other on social media. However, it looks like Jackman doesn't think of Reynolds as his BFF and the Deadpool actor found out the hard way.

Jackman recently celebrated International Best Friends Day by posting photos of himself and his best friend on his official Instagram account. However, the images actually show the Logan actor with Australian radio personality Gus Worland.


Not surprisingly, Reynolds was shocked to see that Jackman didn't post their picture together. The Six Underground star left a disappointed comment, "I don't understand" on the post and it didn't take long before fans started commenting that Reynolds was heartbroken about the betrayal.

Of course, Jackman's real best friend is someone he has known even before he became a huge star. However, people (and probably even Reynolds) believed that the bond between the X-Men Origins stars was a strong one and that their friendship should be celebrated as well.

For now, Jackman has not posted an update on who his real best friend is. Likewise, Reynolds has yet to troll Jackman again and some believe that he is still heartbroken from the realization. We're just hoping that Reynolds is doing okay and could forgive his BFF.

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