Ruben Fleischer Jokes on Having Zombieland 3 Set in 2029

When you think of post-apocalyptic films that could make you laugh so hard, Zombieland is definitely a staple name. Two movies were already out and they were set ten years apart, with fans of the first one excited to see the reunion of the original team ten years after. The director of the show, Ruben Fleischer, joked about having a third installment set in 2029. What could he really mean?

Could Ruben Fleischer's Joke on Zombieland 3 Set in 2029 Mean Something Else?
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Could Ruben Fleischer's Joke on Zombieland 3 Set in 2029 Mean Something Else?

There’s a saying that jokes are half-meant and recently, in an exclusive interview with ScreenRant talking about Uncharted, the director of Zombieland, Ruben Fleischer, joked about another go for the much-loved zombie franchise, “When we were making Zombieland 2 it was a running joke among us all that, "We got to do this again in another 10 years and see where it's evolved to."

Fleischer added, “We'll see come 2029 if that's something we're still thinking about. But I would be so thrilled to get the gang back together and see where their lives have led in the last 10 years.”

Zombieland quite redefined the obsession of the people on reanimated corpses as it took over as one of the highest-grossing zombie films when it first released. It follows the story of a geek, Columbus, who had his list on how to survive a zombie apocalypse and along the way, he met a stranger who is absolutely his opposite, Tallahassee. Along the way, they met Wichita and Little Rock.

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All in a search of a safe place, for the love of Twinkies, they went to journey through a post-apocalyptic United States, and ten years after they all part ways, all the original cast returned for another movie, Zombieland: Double Tap, as a way of a reunion, and zombie film lovers still went to continue its patronage on the franchise. Not even a gap of a decade between the releases halted the support on the second film.

While Sony still hasn’t confirmed whether there would be a third Zombieland film, they still have seven years to decide whether there would be another. After all, as joked by the director himself, it may be set in 2029. Looking at the numbers of the revenue of the film, it is highly possible for another shot but who knows, by that time, people will still continue their patronage over zombie comedies like Zombieland.

Would you give Zombieland 3 a go if it would happen?

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