17 Jul 2018 2:06 PM +00:00 UTC

Robert Zemeckis Says There Won’t Be A Back To The Future IV

Back to the Future's Christopher Lloyd might still be hoping to see a fourth installment in the popular science fiction comedy film franchise, but director Robert Zemeckis doesn't seem to agree.

Yesterday, rumors about Back to the Future IV started popping up online thanks to a recent interviewwith Doc Brown actor Christopher Lloyd. Speaking with news outlet Phoenix New Times before a screening of the original Back to the Future movie, Lloyd was asked whether he'd be open to the idea of coming back as Doc, and the actor admitted that he'd love to return as long as the fourth film turns out to be just as good as the very first three.

However, in order to make it clear, Zemeckis decided to debunk the rumors that were spilling out and tell the Italian publication Bad Tastethat "There will not be any more Back to the Future."

Though it sounds like a big disappointment to fans of the franchise, in the long run, it might be better that Hollywood won't be getting another Back to the Future movie. The industry is already filled with reboot sequels – there's been a reboot sequel for Ghost Buster, Jurassic Park, and Blade Runner. Having another Back to the Future movie would just add on to that list.

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