Robert Pattinson's The Batman Costume Has Been Finally Revealed

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After months of waiting, The Batman director Matt Reeves has finally revealed what Robert Pattinson's Batman costume looks like. It's something many fans have been waiting for and it does not disappoint, looking slick as hell. We aren't sure why Reeves decided to go with Virtual Boy red to show off Pattinson's costume but expect an official image or two to be released sooner rather than later.

It looks like reports of Lee Bermejo's Batman as an inspiration was true since the bat symbol in his costume looks pretty similar to the comic character. Some fans will probably make jokes about how the red makes Pattinson's Batman look like Daredevil with a cape, which is really funny since there were fans who wanted Robert Pattinson to be The Man Without Fear, but that's just the lighting.

This has been a long time coming and we can safely say that Pattinson sure looks like Batman. The real test is seeing how he'll be like when portraying Bruce Wayne, especially since so many people loved what Ben Affleck did with the character.

Will The Batman continue the trend of good DCEU movies? Especially after the acclaim Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey has been getting? Considering how good Matt Reeves is, we're confident that this movie could end up being pretty solid. Hopefully, it manages to blend some of that gritty atmosphere from the Christopher Nolan movies with whatever fans like from Zack Snyder's DC films.

Fans will be able to watch The Batman next year, on June 25, 2021.

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