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Riverdale Season 7 to Feature Cheryl’s Twin Brother: How is He Alive?

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There will be new faces coming to Riverdale Season 7. Nicholas Barasch and Karl Walcott will be joining the last season of The CW series, so what roles will they play?

Barash will play the role of Chery's (Madelaine Petsch) twin brother, Julian, in Riverdale Season 7. But wait, how does that happen he's alive?

Cheryl's Twin Brother is Alive

According to Deadline, Barasch will recur as Julian, and his character is described as "your classic high school red-headed bully."

"Handsome, athletic, and cocky, he always gets his way, but in the rare times he doesn't—like with Veronica—he makes life miserable for everyone around him," his character's description reads. "He often butts heads with his twin sister, but is also an antagonist to all of our teen characters, most especially Archie."

So, how does that happen that Cheryl's twin brother is alive and how come his name is Julian when he's known as Jason all along?

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The sixth season finale saw a major time jump back to 1955. Archie (K.J. Apa) and the rest of the gang are back to high school, making them innocent young teens again.

It's also good to note that in Season 4, it was revealed that Cheryl and Jason had a triplet brother, Julian, who was supposedly absorbed in the womb.

His spirit entered a haunted doll, which Cheryl later disposed of. However, it remained to be seen if the story about Julian was only made up by Nana Rose (Barbara Wallace).

Another New Face in Riverdale Season 7

In addition, there will be another face joining Riverdale Season 7. Walcott joins the final season as Clay Walker, who will have an "impactful friendship" with Kevin (Casey Cott).

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Does this mean Kevin will finally have a love interest? Will he stay for a while, or will he also be gone in a snap?

Riverdale Season 7 Images

Cheryl successfully destroyed the come that was about to annihilate Riverdale in the Season 6 finale. However, by doing so, they were all brought back to the 1950s.

Everyone is back in high school, and Jughead (Cole Sprouse) is the only one who remembers their past lives and what happened.

In Entertainment Weekly's first look at the final season images, everything looks like the 1950s.

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"Thank god the '50s were as crazy as they were because it's been so fun to be in that world," showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa said. "Every season, we explore the tropes of a specific genre, be it supernatural, be it pulp, be it crime. This year our genre is the 1950s, so we're in dialogue with the American myth of what the 1950s were versus the reality."

Riverdale Season 7 will be out in spring 2023.

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