Rick Riordan Announces Percy Jackson Series Coming to Disney+

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It's finally happening. After a fierce online campaign to get Disney to reboot the Percy Jackson franchise, we have confirmation that a series is coming to Disney+.

This has been confirmed by Percy Jackson author Rick Riordan on Twitter:

He also followed it up with this:

It's been confirmed that this series will follow the five books with the first season covering the events of The Lightning Thief. We don't know how far development has gone, but I imagine it's still very fresh. The last time Riordan had updated us on this reboot was back in December. With COVID-19 shutting everything down, the series can only move forward at a limited pace.

If anything, 20th Century Fox was aiming to have Percy Jackson be their own Harry Potter franchise, even hiring HP director Chris Columbus to helm. The result was a movie that only spawned one sequel, and after that, the franchise was basically dead in the water.


With this Disney+ series, I'm hoping that they cast someone who is actually closer to the age of Percy in the books; the films had been bashed for casting characters that were too old. Hopefully, with this reboot, we get an age-appropriate cast, and we get to adapt the things that actually made the books interesting. My one gripe in the films was the portrayal of the gods; in the books, the gods had clearly adapted to modern society, but in the films, they were still wearing armor and acting all fancy.

No release date has been set for Disney+'s Percy Jackson series.

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