Rick and Morty's Halloween Horror Spoof Special is a Claymation

Adult Swim is known for its adulterated spoofs and Rick and Morty is no exception. While Rick and Morty season six is still ongoing, the latest episodes will have to sit out this Halloween season, as confirmed by Adult Swim. A new special is in the making thanks to creator Lee Hardcastle, who also worked on multiple shorts for the show previously. On October 30, Hardcastle will be delivering Rick and Morty in ‘claymation’ rather than the traditional two-dimensional art style we have known Rick and Morty to be. This could easily pertain to showrunners choosing to go back to the old show's formula.

A couple of Hardcastle’s shorts tackled spoofing horror movies such as The Thing, The Fly, Halloween, Poltergeist, Re-Animator, and Gremlins, but also Hollywood busters such as Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, Blade Runner, E.T., The Matrix, and more. Welcoming a fresh new look at animating Rick and Morty will definitely take the audience on a different ride, as the special seems to be longer than the usual episode runtime.

The title of the episode is set to be Summer’s Sleepover, with the official description of the Halloween special as:

An unexpected guest livens up Summer’s sleepover party in this trippy horror short from Claymation filmmaker Lee Hardcastle.

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Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, creators of Rick and Morty, did say that they made the show to make its audiences think, with the enjoyment bit coming off as an afterthought:

It’s a cartoon not meant to be enjoyed; it’s meant to make you think — about your existence, about purpose, about mortality and morality — with every nugget of Rick-branded drunken wisdom.

Some animated series do tend to make trippy episodes to throw the audience off, but it also surmises its purpose that highlights the show. In the case of Rick and Morty, we can definitely expect another 4th wall break and perhaps another philosophical commentary about the alternate universes we have yet to see.

Rick and Morty will soon return to its season six episodes on November 20, 2022.

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