BTS Fansite Masters Face Bullying During K-pop Groups' Permission To Dance Concert

Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: BANGTANTV/YouTube Screenshot

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ARMYs and other K-pop fans missed the usual concerts and fan meetings where they could meet their idols. As the number of cases continued to go down in the past months, BTS became one of the first K-pop acts to return to the stage and hold a concert.

The K-pop groups' fandom members and their fansites always support their idols by attending their concerts and purchasing their goods. For BTS, however, the group's fansite masters reportedly had a bad experience at the Permission To Dance On Stage concert in Los Angeles.

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What Happened To BTS' Fansite Masters In LA?

Even before BTS took over Hollywood, the K-pop group always had their fansite masters who captured and shared high-quality pictures and videos of them to share with the fans. Fansite masters – as the name implies – rule over the fandom's fansites and share their experiences with the idols.

However, BTS' Korean fansite masters recently bombarded the internet with complaints and uproar after experiencing harassment and bullying by international ARMYs at the Permission To Dance On Stage Concert.

The masters particularly took their dismay on social media, calling out those immature fans who abused them on site.

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One fansite master, whose works are dedicated to Jeon Jung Kook, pleaded with other fans to stop their reckless physical assaults at the concert. Some local fans started whispering whenever someone who looked Korean, Chinese, or Japanese walked by them. Once they found out they were Koreans, local fans reportedly began harassing them and even filmed them while threatening to upload the clips online.

"If we, Hom-mas, are doing this only for our own monetary gain just as the local fans say, or the translators say, then why would we risk our lives by buying concert tickets that are over 500,000 KRW? If we saw BTS as our means for money, then we wouldn't come to this schedule and we would get photos from other people and just make them into merchandise to sell," the fan continued, as translated by AllKpop.

One also asked people who are not into fansite master culture not to expose the fans' information about them.

HYBE has not responded to the incident yet. However, the label is also dealing with illegal filming during the concert.

BTS' Permission To Dance On Stage Concert Leaked

On Wednesday, HYBE released an official warning against illegal filming of fans and sharing the clip on Weverse. According to the label, several concert attendees filmed the entire concert in high definition and shared it online.

As the Permission To Dance On Stage is yet to end, HYBE reminded fans not to do something illegal. It implemented a cellphone-only on the site, banning all other filming or recording devices to ensure that a similar incident would not happen again.

If caught filming, the attendee might be forced to leave the area and would be banned from entering the concert grounds on that day again.

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