Resident Alien Episode 6 Release Date, Trailers, Clips, Countdown, News and Everything You Need to Know About the SyFy TV Show

Credit: SyFy

Credit: SyFy

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Resident Alien returned to our screens yesterday, and fans seem to like the show more and more each Wednesday. In Episode 5, Harry (portrayed by Allan Tudyk) checked another box in his experiences as a human by navigating the scary institution of marriage. Here's everything you need to know before the release of episode 6:

Resident Alien Episode 5 Recap

In episode 5, titled "Love Language" it was revealed that Harry (not our alien main character, but the human he killed to take his form) was married. It seems that he and his wife, Isabelle, loved each other once upon a time, but something happened that ruined their relationship.

When Isabelle bursts into his house, Harry flirts not with her but with the danger of being discovered, as she comes dangerously close to finding the dead body in his freezer. Harry is introduced to married life in an unorthodox way for sure, and more complications are likely.

Meanwhile, we learn more about the backstories of characters like Asta, who gave up her child for adoption. Harry makes further progress in his relationship with the residents of Patience, as he reaches a sort of truce with Max, the boy who was able to see his alien form, and his friend, Sahar.

Perhaps the children will no longer make Harry's life difficult - but this doesn't mean his life is simple. Being discovered is still a possibility and the moral dilemma of whether to exterminate humanity will likely become more excruciating the more time Harry spends as a human. That he will go through with it seems more and more unlikely, but he might still struggle.

Resident Alien Episode 6 Release Date

After Resident Alien, Episode 5 was broadcasted, the Resident Alien team confirmed that we'll return to Patience next Wednesday the 3rd of Match at 10 PM PT for Episode 6. Judging from their comments, it looks like the theme of family, found and otherwise, will be strong in the next episode too.

Resident Alien Episode 6 Trailer

The 20-second long trailer of Resident Alien Episode 6 reveals a new antagonist for Harry: a new doctor. But beyond that, the trailer has a lot for you to unpack if you're observant. It looks like we'll get to see more of the show's murder mystery side, with evidence regarding the serial killer and perhaps dangerous clues about Harry's identity.

Resident Alien Episode 6: What Is It Going to Be About?

In the synopsis of Resident Alien Episode 6 we read:

"Harry copes with jealously when the mayor hires an annoyingly perfect new doctor."

Surely, having a new doctor to deal with - one who has probably not learned all he knows by watching tv shows, is a huge blow for Harry. Not only is it likely to make him lose the favor of the small-town residents who resolved to his medical care in the absence of an alternative, but his inaccuracies and even his crimes could be exposed.

Meanwhile, the Sheriff is more and more suspicious of Harry, and we can't deny that he has good reason for that. There's a lot to unpack for sure, and Wednesday can't arrive soon enough.

Resident Alien Episode 6 Countdown

Episode 5 of Resident Alien was released yesterday, meaning we'll have to wait one week for the next episode.

The show airs every Wednesday on SyFy at 10 PM PT.

If you haven't watch Resident Alien yet but can't wait to get started we got you covered, even if you don't have a cable subscription. We have listed all the ways to watch Resident Alien without cable. And if you are looking for other exciting SFF TV series great SyFy shows worth your time.

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