How to Watch Resident Alien TV Show on SyFy Channel Without Cable Subscription Online

Credit: Syfy

Credit: Syfy

Fans of Resident Alien, a comic book series created by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse will have rejoiced to hear the recent announcement that the adventures of the alien Captain Hah Re, known as Dr. Harry Vanderpeige, will be on their screens next week. The Resident Alien TV show is going to start airing on the 27th of January.

Popular American cable channel Syfy (previously known as Sci Fi Channel and renamed to Syfy in 2009), is the go-to for many fans of Fantasy, Horror and, of course, Science Fiction.

If you are thrilled to watch the series but don't have a cable subscription, we got you covered. Here are some ways to watch Resident Alien without cable:

Watch Resident Alien without cable on Hulu

If you are using or thinking of starting using Hulu to stream your favorite series, the "Hulu with Live TV" program might be a good option for you. This package includes many other popular channels apart from Syfy, while it also comes with a large on-demand library.

The "Hulu with Live TV" package allows for up to 2 simultaneous streams and costs $64.99 monthly.

Watch Resident Alien without cable on YouTube TV

While not as economic as it used to be, YouTube might still be an attractive choice for those no longer interested in cable TV subscriptions. With a choice of more than 70 channels, YouTube allows you to access Syfy programs – and it has a decent selection of on-demand content as well.

They have a single package choice, but it's a handy one, allowing up to 3 simultaneous submissions and being available on a variety of devices, such as Android devices, Roku, and Apple TV. Like "Hulu with Live TV", YouTube TV comes at $64.99 monthly.

Watch Resident Alien without cable on AT&T TV NOW

You can watch Resident Alien on AT&T TV NOW by choosing one of the two packages they offer: Plus or Max. The former offers more than 45 channels, while the latter offers a choice of more than 60 and includes HBO max.

Both allow for up to 3 simultaneous viewings from different devices. The plans include channels such as History channel and HBO. The AT&T TV NOW Plus comes at $55 per month while Max costs $80 per month.

Watch Resident Alien without cable on Sling TV

While some consider Sling outdated, it is an option for watching Resident Alien and other Syfy content. It offers a number of affordable options. Sling Orange and Sling Blue both offer more than 45+ channels. The former doesn't allow simultaneous streaming but up to 3 simultaneous streams are possible for the latter.

While their choice of channels is different, both include Syfy and come at $30/month while the combined Sling Orange+Blue offers 50+ channels for a competitive $45/month.

Watch Resident Alien without cable on fuboTV

FuboTV offers a wide range of features and three different packages. Like Hulu with Live TV and YouTubeTV, the most economic option that allows you to access Syfy comes at $64.99 monthly.

The Ultra option contains 196 channels and is pricier by $20. Both allow 3 simultaneous streams.

Finally, if you are using none of these networks, the Syfy App might be an option, but you have to sign in with TV Everywhere in order to stream.

Some find the app dysfunctional on certain devices, but it can still be a handy option that will set everything up for you to watch Resident Alien from your device of choice on the 27th of January. You can also check out some of Syfy's other best shows.

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