Resident Alien Episode 3 Release Date, Trailers, Clips, and Everything You Need to Know About the SyFy TV Show

Credit: SyFy

Credit: SyFy

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It's already been two weeks since Resident Alien premiered on SyFy, and things are looking tough for Captain Hah Re, known as Dr. Harry Vandespeigle. The performance of Alan Tudyk might be quirky and endearing, but his character is more than a hilarious attempt to be human; he has done bad things and harbors secrets that might catch up with him in Episode 3, appropriately titled "Secrets."

Whether you enjoyed Episode 2which aired yesterday, the 3rd of February, or you're new to the show, here is all you need to know about Resident Alien Episode 3:

Resident Alien Episode 3 Release Date

In the official Twitter account of Resident Alien, it was confirmed that episode 3 will air next Wednesday, the 10th of February on Syfy. But this is not all! There was a pleasant surprise for fans last night, as the third episode also became available at around 11 pm ET along with the previous 2, soon after the second episode finished airing.

Resident Alien Episode 3 Trailer

The third episode's promo is quite short at only 20 seconds, so we don't get to understand much about its plot. But this is fine, since the episode is already available!

What we do know, from the short promo, is that Harry is having trouble sleeping. It looks like being a human is harder than he could ever imagine.

As his inner monologue reveals: "There's a dead me floating in the lake." Not having found the body of the man he killed to obtain his human form, Harry will have to answer a lot of questions if the town residents get to it first. The shots of the town authorities with Harry near the lake suggest that the doctor will be kept busy, and we can expect more dead bodies and investigation.

Resident Alien Episode 3: What Is It Going to Be About?

In Episode 2, Harry found that watching and imitating tv shows isn't enough to pass as a human. Most likely, nothing is enough for Harry to pass anymore, as Max, a young boy, can see through his true alien form.

But Harry has started to experience a bizarre symptom: human emotion, in the form of loneliness and even some form of liking for the people he's forced to spend time with.

Episode 3 will likely dig deeper into Harry's secrets. According to the episode synopsis:

"Harry races to keep his secret safe, while Asta is forced to face her own past."

So far, we've seen Asta grieving the death of the previous town doctor, for whom she worked. Beyond all its sci-fi elements, Resident Alien is primarily about people, so it will be interesting to find out more about her.

And what about Harry's mission? One thing is certain; he's coming closer to his mission. Will his vague liking for the humans of the town make him change his mind? Stay tuned to find out.

If you are interested in the show but don't have a cable subscription, don't worry! Here is how you can watch Resident Alien without cable. And if you have already watched all the available Resident Alien episodes so far, there are other great SyFy shows worth your time.

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