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Remarriage & Desires Director Kim Jung Nim Explains Why Netflix Series Intrigues International Viewers

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Credit: NETFLIX ASIA/YouTube Screenshot

Remarriage & Desires director Kim Jung Min shared how his Netflix series differs from other K-dramas.

K-drama fans received another interesting series when Remarriage & Desires arrived on Netflix on July 15. The 2022 series is about a widowed woman named Seo Hye Seung (played by Kim Hee Sun) who continues to raise her daughter after her husband claimed his own life.

After losing everything, she reunites with a woman at the marriage information company, Rex, and joins the race to take revenge.

Its director, Kim Jung Min, offered more information about the drama and how it differs from K-dramas about women seeking revenge on mistresses.

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Remarriage & Desires Director Kim Jung Min Says K-Drama Is New and Unique

In an interview with The Korea Times on Wednesday, director Kim Jung Min said that creating the drama for Netflix on that topic would be new and unique to international viewers.

He reportedly conducted research and interviewed people in an actual matchmaking business in order to portray perfectly the high-end agency in the drama.

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“They valued the privacy of their clients more seriously than I expected. In the series, we called it 'rank,' but they actually categorized the clients by 'value.' But I didn't make this series with prejudice against arranged marriage or such agencies. I wanted viewers to have a moment to ask themselves what kind of desire they have as they follow the characters in the series,” he explained.

Director Kim Jung Min added that he aimed to depict people’s basic ambitions while exploring the world of matchmaking service.

Kim Hee Sun Says She Is Similar to Her Character

In the same discussion, the lead star opened up about her resemblance with the character. The veteran actress has also been married to her husband for 16 years. She also shares a daughter with him — which is similar to her character.

“These kinds of things ― infidelity ― actually happen a lot around me too. So as it would be devastating, I could understand her and her actions," she said.

Despite that depressing thought, Kim Hee Sun expressed her gratitude after scoring the role. With that, she reportedly felt that the entertainment industry finally gives chances to all actresses.

Remarriage & Desires has a total of 8 episodes, and it is available on Netflix.


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