Kang Daniel Under Fire Due to Sexist Comments About Street Woman Fighter on UNIVERSE

Credit: KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT/YouTube Screenshot

Kang Daniel enraged his followers due to the sexist comments he recently made about Street Woman Fighter.

Among the K-pop idols in the industry, Kang Daniel outshined them and ultimately became the MC of the show. He even made a notable stint as he constantly earned praises because of his behavior.

But recently, he seemingly changed as he allegedly offered sexist comments about the show.

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Kang Daniel Criticized Following Sexist Comments About Street Woman Fighter

Kang Daniel recently got in touch with his fans on UNIVERSE, a paid subscription in which celebrities and fans exchange messages.

The K-pop idol has also been tapped to host its spin-off, Street Man Fighter.

According to SBS News, one curious fan asked him about his experience in filming the spin-off series. He revealed that he felt comfortable since he is working with men and that his energy does not get exhausted because of that.

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Although he felt scared before hosting Street Man Fighter, Kang Daniel said that its predecessor was scarier. Because of that, he told the fans he likes what he is doing now more.

In response to his comments, offended fans called him out and said that he was being sexist. He immediately defended himself and replied.

"What do you mean I'm being sexist? I have no words to say... I'll just skip through it. I'm blocking them. Goodbye,” he said. “Such people would be the ones who get angry even for a stand-up comedy show. Just live comfortably. Life's already too difficult."

The screenshots of the conversation have since went viral online. Fans were also left dismayed, causing them to share their outbursts publicly.

Kang Daniel Issues Apology

Following the emergence of the issue, Kang Daniel issued an apology statement through his Instagram page. He explained that he overly exaggerated his feelings, and it led to a misunderstanding of his thoughts about Street Woman Fighter.

"My response while trying to de-escalate the situation and avoid creating a 'sexist' atmosphere was also mishandled. I'm sorry for the fans who may have been hurt by the incident. I will be more careful with my words and demeanor in the future,” he went on.

Street Woman Fighter has not responded to the issue yet.

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