Red Velvet Joy Raises Sincerity Concern If 'Bubble' Is Monetized

Red Velvet member Joy
Credit: Red Velvet

Red Velvet member Joy
Credit: Red Velvet

Red Velvet Joy has been called out for being inactive on the fan-artist platform Bubble.

Fans complained about the issue as they have been paying for the app but do not get a message from Joy in return. Meanwhile, some of the lucky subscribers who interacted with her noticed that she was only active twice or thrice in the past two years.

According to the users, although the other Red Velvet members are busy too, they are constantly messaging their fans on the platform, unlike Joy.

In response to this, a pop culture expert described the K-pop idol's issue as emotional labor instead for her and her fans.

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Red Velvet Joy Only Comes Back After Being Criticized

After the issue arose, fans accused her of messaging only after calling her out. Although Joy had already sent a few messages, subscribers could not help but condemn her actions once again.

Meanwhile, pop culture critic Kim Heon Sik shared his two cents on the issue, telling Korea JoongAng Daily that fans should know what can be monetized before criticizing an idol. According to the expert, K-pop agencies monetize their artists' content. However, no one knows whether the idols ever agree with it.

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He also noted how Joy is also wrong for not doing her business responsibility and obligation. If Bubble and other services are monetized, the level of sincerity would reportedly be questionable.

"If she does send messages but only because fans are outraged when she doesn't, is that genuine fan service? How sincere is that interaction? We must ask if the industry should continue launching similar parasocial services. It's best to let willing stars do it voluntarily without payments involved," Kim Heon Sik said.

Joy nor SM Entertainment has not addressed the issue yet.

Red Velvet Joy's Return On Bubble Questionable

Red Velvet Joy Bubble issue
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Credit: Red Velvet
A pop culture critic said that Red Velvet member Joy's inactivity on bubble is an "emotional labor."

Although Joy had already returned to the platform, she still received mixed reactions from subscribers. Some said she only returned after reading the news and finding out that refunds would be issued if an artist remained inactive. They condemned her again for going back and sending a message a day before a month of subscription ended.

The frustrated fans questioned why she posts on Instagram every day but could not spare some of her time on Bubble. Others even alleged she is too busy dating that she fails to go online.

Amid the criticisms, some fans still chose to see Joy's return as something everybody should celebrate. Instead of slamming her, they asked others to leave the K-pop idol alone and unsubscribe if they wanted to.

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