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Reborn Rich Episode 11 Recap: Will Song Joong Ki Become The New Owner Of Soonyang Group?

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Song Joong Ki continues to demonstrate why he is worthy of all the accolades that have been heaped upon him as he returns with yet another intriguing Kdrama, Reborn Rich.

The series airs on JTBC and is based on the webtoon The Chaebol Family’s Youngest Son. Reborn Rich depicts the story of Yoon Hyeon Woo, who has been with the Soonyang Group for almost a decade. He worked hard for the company his whole life, but he was wrongly accused of embezzlement. This forced him to make plans to take over the company and get back at the family he had worked for.

The JTBC Kdrama stars Song Joong Ki, Lee Sung Min, and Shin Hyun Been. Reborn Rich Episode 11 aired on December 11, 2022, and recorded a nationwide viewership rating of 21.137%, which becomes the series' new personal best. Here is a Reborn Rich Episode 11 recap and everything you missed on the new Song Joong Ki-starred Kdrama.

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Reborn Rich Episode 11 Recap

Reborn Rich Episode 11 sees Song Joong Ki almost getting his hands on his long-time dream. When Lee Sung Min saw the huge potential in his grandson, he decided to make him his successor but was ruined due to an unexpected car accident.

Jin Yang-Cheol and Dojoon managed to escape the tragic event. They decided to hide the truth about Jin Yang-Cheol’s survival and that he was actually conscious and is not in a coma so they can narrow down the suspects.

However, Jin Yang-Cheol suddenly showed an unpredictable development when he did not recognize his grandson, Dojoon.

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Song Joong Ki Almost Became The Successor In Reborn Rich Episode 11

When Jin Yang-Cheol called Dojoon, it was actually because he will decide on his successor that day. They were on their way to the press conference for the establishment of the Soonyang Financial Holding Company together when the accident happened.

At that moment, a truck that rushed from somewhere collided with them. Thankfully, the two had minor bruises except for the driver and Dojoon’s personal chauffeur, Ha In-Seok.

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Song Joong Ki Is One Step Closer To The Culprit In Reborn Rich Episode 11

Dojoon first found the truck driver and the planned accident and even found out that the culprit paid for it by using an antique artwork as payment. What was surprising was that the painting in question was a collection item from the gallery run by Mo Hyun-Min, which puts suspicions on them.

Jin Yang-Cheol was in despair at the cold truth that came right before him. His fear suddenly worsen his symptoms and failed to recognize his own grandson.

While it was divided on whether Dojoon would become the successor of the Soonyang Group, the other family members thought of their own interests and tried to go against the initial will. However, no one knows that Jin Yang-Cheol is actually conscious.

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