5 Reasons Why Superman Would Beat Homelander

An image of Homelander against Superman.
Credit: DC | Amazon Prime | Dynamite Entertainment

An image of Homelander against Superman.
Credit: DC | Amazon Prime | Dynamite Entertainment

If the Man of Steel were up against The Boys' most notorious antagonist, the world would be in chaos. The question is, who would win?

In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Antony Starr gave plenty of reasons why Homelander would beat Superman in a 1v1. But we beg to differ. While Homelander is a killing machine, we doubt he would stand a chance against the mighty Superman.

This article explains why the DC superhero would obliterate Dynamite Entertainment’s beloved villain.

Superior Powers and Abilities

A picture of Superman
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Credit: DC

While Homelander is insanely powerful and possesses many abilities, he’s below Superman in terms of potential. Superman is faster, stronger, and more resilient.

The character of Homelander was inspired by Superman, which is why you can draw parallels between them. However, Homelander is still much weaker than Superman in terms of sheer strength and abilities. A prime example of that is that Homelander doesn’t have frost breath.

Homelander might be ruthless and conniving, but his displays of power have been below what Superman could do. The DC superhero has destroyed planets, defeated aliens, and battled with some of the strongest villains, like Darkseid. In contrast, Homelander has struggled against Soldier Boy and a compound-V-enhanced Butcher. This shows that he might not be able to stand against the Kryptonian.

More Combat Experience

A picture of the Superman from Man of Steel.
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Credit: DC
Man of Steel | Superman

The pillar against which Starr’s argument stood was that Homelander plays dirty. This is indeed true. But, even while being a good guy, Superman has more combat experience than Homelander.

Superman is one of the oldest Superheroes to date. His first appearance dates back to 1938. On the other hand, Homelander has only been around since 2006. This has given Superman much more comic and screen time, in which he has battled multiple strong antagonists.

He has stood victorious even when Superman has been the underdog, like against General Zod in Man of Steel. This level of experience gives Superman the upper hand against Homelander.


A picture of Homelander's son ryan.
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Credit: Amazon Prime | Dynamite Entertainment
Ryan | Homelander's son

Starr mentions that Homelander doesn’t have weaknesses, so he would be victorious against Superman. But that's not the case. Homelander might be evil and immoral, yet he still has a son.

Ryan, Homelander’s son, proves to be a massive weakness for Homelander. While Superman has a moral compass and won’t necessarily kill Ryan, he can use him as a tactical advantage, quickly bringing Homelander’s guard down.


Homelander being pinned down by Butcher and Soldier Boy.
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Credit: Amazon Prime | Dynamite Entertainment
The Boys | Herogasm
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Superman has proven time and time again to be one of the most resilient superheroes. So, even if Homelander were to get his hands on the rare mineral kryptonite, Superman’s superior endurance would find a way to overcome this.

On the other hand, Homelander hasn’t shown much resiliency. In season 3 of The Boys, Homelander faces Soldier Boy and Butcher at Herogasm. By the end of the fight, Homelander is defeated and proceeds to fly away.

If this fight were against Superman, he wouldn’t have the chance to fly away from the battle as Superman is quicker. So, Homelander’s only option is to stay and fight. And, since our Man of Steel easily outpowers him, he will lose.

The Battle of Immortals

While Homelander would be a formidable foe against Superman, he would be less likely to win. Superman’s abilities far exceed those of Homelander. He has greater strength, flight, speed, and durability, which makes him superior to Homelander.

Other than his physical attributes, Superman has more experience. Not only that, but he is also more tactical when approaching his enemies. While on the other hand, Homelander relies on his raw strength and abilities.

Since we know that Homelander can't outpower Superman, the fight can only end in one way: with Homelander getting obliterated.

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