Creator of The Boys Praises Karl Urban and Anthony Starr

Amazon's The Boys has proven to be one of the most popular superhero shows, with a second season already in production. Based on the comics from Garth Ennis, the show takes a lot of liberties and does so for the better, giving us a well-written series that is surprisingly feminist, action-packed, and must-watch. Unsurprisingly, Ennis is very happy with the show's success and the actors they've chosen.

During an interview with CBR, Ennis revealed that he was a big fan of Karl Urban and Anthony Starr, who play Billy Butcher and The Homelander respectively. Both actors have gotten a ton of praise from critics and fans but it does mean a little bit more when the creator of their characters enjoys your work.

When asked about Karl Urban's performance, here is what Ennis said:

"Very good indeed, they're all spot on. The new or altered characters all work very well, the established ones are great -- highlights among the latter would be the Homelander and Annie January."

Both Urban and Starr have been acting their asses off, giving us a number of stellar moments that many of us can still recall. Considering how highly we think of the first season, let's hope that The Boys Season 2 currently has no release date. Hopefully, one comes in the coming weeks or months.

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