Queendom 2 Update: Twenty-Five, Twenty-One Star Bona to Help Cosmic Girls Claim No. 1 Spot

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Credit: KOCOWA TV/YouTube Screenshot

Cosmic Girls is about to bring out their major card in Queendom 2, and it is Twenty-Five, Twenty-One’s Go Yu Rim, or Bona. In the group’s bid to claim the No. 1 spot, it looks like a much-intense fight is about to happen.

This will be the first time Bona will be seen in Queendom 2. The show gave a glimpse of the contenders’ performances for the next round next week, and it will definitely be a must-see.

Bona Joining Queendom 2

The 26-year-old star recently made noise when she joined the hit tvN series Twenty-Five, Twenty-One.

After playing the role of Go Yu Rim, fans are about to see a different her in the reality dance competition.

Bona will be reclaiming her place in Cosmic Girls by joining them on Queendom 2 stage.

Of course, fans can’t help but celebrate the news and share their reaction to her arrival on the show, per AllKpop. Some praised her beauty, while others wanted everyone to know that she has great vocals.

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Anyhow, one fan can’t help but wonder why the show uses her character’s name instead of her real name.

"Mnet can use the name because Mnet and tvN are both CJ,” another fan explained.

A different fan also commends her ability to have two different personas when it comes to acting and performing.

"It amazes me every time how she's so different when she has her actress persona on from when she has her idol persona on,” the fan said. “She can pull off both so flawlessly."

Queendom 2 Final Rankings

Meanwhile, the May 12 episode of Queendom 2 revealed the final ranking for the girls’ heated position battle.

Last week, the vocal units performed the songs by EXO, IU, and BOL4. WJSN’s Yeonjung, Soobin, and VIVIZ’s Eunha took the first place, followed by Hyolyn and Brave Girls’ Minyoung, Soompi noted.

Team Sun and Moon, composed of LOONA’s Kim Lip, Chuu, Jinsol, and Haseul with Kep1er’s Seo Young Eun and Kim Chae Hyun, took third place.

VIVIZ and Kep1e rehearsed for their “Purr” performance with the choreographer Honey J, the HolyBang dance crew leader.

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“It’s better than what I worried about,” she told the group. “However, it feels like you worked harder on your individual choreography than the [overall] mood.”

Hyolyn also shared her comment about the second performers, WJSN’s Eunseo and Yeoreum.

“My goal is to receive the response, ‘Yeoreum and Eunseo…they’re WJSN?'” she asked.

Ex-it’s choreographer LaChica also evaluated the girls’ progress.

“Eunseo and Yeoreum have to be more powerful,” Gabee said. “Your lines are pretty, but it’s important to ruin that.”

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The final dance unit, LOONA’s Olivia Hye, Heejin, Yves, Choerry, and Brave Girls’ Eunji, won the midterm evaluation. Choreographer Monika praised them a lot despite their worries.


“Well done. You practiced a lot,” she said. “It feels like you’ve worked hard but you haven’t yet broken through that thin wall.”

The next episode of Queendom 2 will be out on Thursday, May 19.

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