New JTBC Drama Insider Drops another Look at Kang Ha Neul’s Two Faces

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Credit: JTBC Drama/YouTube Screenshot

Fans are about to see a different Kang Ha Neul after the success of the Netflix movie The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure. Far different from his role as Woo Moo Chi, the 32-year-old actor will be seen as the two-face legal apprentice Kim Ho Yan in JTBC’s new drama, Insider.

JTBC drops another look at Kang Ha Neul as Kim Ho Yan. By the looks of it, his character has turned into the dark side after getting involved in a major crime in Insider.

Insider New Poster Featuring Kang Ha Neul

The poster, as obtained by Soompi, shows the two images of Kim Ho Yan. He can be seen as the judicial trainee on the left side, looking very much respected.

However, the right side is the complete opposite of his firm look. He looks hurt by the lies and betrayal that surround him.

Despite that, he still appears determined to find the truth and take his sweet revenge.

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“As long as I’m alive, this game won’t be over,” the text on the post reads.

Seeing his firm appearance, he is the one who will shape his future in Insider. However, with the image’s two settings, it remains to be seen which side of him is the hero and the villain.

Insider Plotline, Details, and More

Insider follows the story of a legal apprentice who goes undercover to investigate the judicial system’s corruption, per AllKpop.

However, amid his investigation, he gets involved in a major crime and is imprisoned. From there, he starts to be an “insider” and plays a dangerous game of survival to take his revenge.

Despite losing everything he has, he refuses to give up and will fight for the truth. Hence, he will be playing two roles in the series—a legal apprentice and an inmate.

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However, if there’s a similarity between these two personas, it’s his unwavering poker face. In this game of life and death, he’s not letting anyone know what’s in his mind.

In fact, he’s going to take advantage of his shrewd mind and careful nature. His poker face will never let his guard down, even in dire situations.

This is what the text in another Insider poster alludes to, saying, “Don’t be read, don’t be caught.”

Meanwhile, as Kang Ha Neul is known for perfectly playing each character he portrays, many are waiting to see how he will give justice to his new role.

It will be the complete opposite of what fans used to see of him. Once again, he is about to display incredible versatility with his new drama’s genre.

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His great acting skills will bring Kim Ho Yan to life with a touch of action and intense brain games.

“The world that Kim Yo Han so bravely stepped into is not a world of justice but a ruthless world rule by the logic of power,” the show’s production team said, per Soompi. “Please look forward to how this man with a secret identity and hidden intentions will fight desperately to change his fate.”

“Viewers will be able to witness the true value of Kang Ha Neul who has intricately expressed Kim Yo Han’s dynamic narrative,” they added.

Insider is set to be out on June 8 at 10:30 p.m. KST on JTBC.


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