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Queen Elizabeth Surprise: Prince Charles Reads British Monarch's Secret Message After 294 Days, 90,000-Mile Journey To 72 Nations

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Credit: BBC/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth penned a message last year, and it travelled around the world. Nearly a year later, Prince Charles reads the message from his mother.

Prince Charles Reads Queen Elizabeth II's Secret Message At The Commonwealth Games

On Thursday, Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla attended the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. At the event, the Prince of Wales revealed the note that the British monarch placed in a baton on Oct. 7, 2021, that was carried in all 72 nations travelling 90,000 miles in 294 days.

In the message, the Queen said the baton "has carried not only my message to you but also the shared hopes and dreams of each nation and territory through which it passed, as it made its way to Birmingham."

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"Over the years, the coming together of so many for the 'Friendly Games' has created memorable shared experiences, established long standing relationships, and even created some friendly rivalries! But above all they remind us of our connection with one another, wherever we may be in the world, as part of the Commonwealth family of nations," the Queen's message read, People, reported.

"Tonight, in the words of the founder of the Games, we embark once again on a novel adventure here in Birmingham, a pioneering city which has drawn in and embraced so many throughout its history.  It is a city symbolic of the rich diversity and unity of the Commonwealth, and one which now welcomes you all in friendship," she continued. "My warmest thanks go to all those who have worked so hard to ensure the success of this particularly special sporting event, and I wish each athlete and team every success. Your hard work and dedication, particularly in recent times, have been an inspiration to all of us."

The 96-year-old monarch concluded the message by writing, "It now gives me the greatest pleasure to declare the 22nd Commonwealth Games open."

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Prince Charles Has James Bond Moment At Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony

The Prince of Wales had a James Bond-style entrance during the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. It was reminiscent of the Queen's interaction with the famous spy during the London 2012 Olympics.

The heir apparent opened the games in Birmingham with his wife, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, on behalf of Queen Elizabeth. Her Majesty asked her son to do the honor on her behalf as she has been suffering from "episodic mobility problems."

The future king and queen consort arrived in Prince Charles' Ashton Martin sportscar. The 1969 model was purchased by the Prince of Wales in 1970 and had been converted to run on biofuels, following the royal's interest in reducing carbon emissions as he campaigns to raise awareness about climate change.

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The netizens were impressed with the royal couple's grand entrance at the event.

"Arriving in style!! Love it," one commented.

"Great choice of car to arrive in and the fact it runs on the bi-products of wine and whey from cheese making is so good. Must also say how lovely the Duchess of Cornwall looks, love the outfit," another added.


"Your Royal Highness, I hope you are doing well, this in fact is a very impressive and dynamic entry, I wish you the Best. Thanks for sharing," a third person wrote.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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