Queen Elizabeth Shock: Prince Charles' Mother Warned Against Attending Epsom Derby With Favorite Son Prince Andrew

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Credit: ABC News Australia/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth II is much revered for her leadership, commitment and service. However, the longest monarch in British history received an intense backlash after choosing her second son Prince Andrew as her escort to Prince Philip's memorial service last week. Royal expert Natalie Oliveri warned the Queen against making another public appearance with her favorite son.

Queen Elizabeth Advised To Not Attend Epsym Derby With Prince Andrew In Tow

The monarch raised eyebrows when she arrived at Westminster Abbey last week for Prince Philip's memorial service due to her controversial companion. She was escorted by Prince Andrew. The 95-year-old, who royal has mobility issues, walked inside the chapel while holding a walking stick while the Duke of York assisted her.

The mother and son's sighting received an intense backlash because many felt that the Queen was endorsing the disgraced royal by choosing him as her escort because it put him front and center during the gathering.

Royal expert Natalie Oliveri weighed in on Prince Andrew's potential return when she appeared on Today Extra. She speculated that the Duke of York might make an appearance at the Epsom Derby and his next public appearance could be the reason "why he took such a prominent role at Philip's memorial last week."

Oliveri suggested that the mother and son's sighting last week was a way to test the water. However, it was apparent that many disapproved of it.

"I think it could really backfire for the Royal Family," Oliveri was quoted by Express as saying. "This is not going to be a good look if Prince Andrew does accompany his mother to the Epsom Derby later this year. It will certainly leave a lot of people angry."

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Oliveri believed that the Duke of York's appearances with the Queen by his side is his way to redeem himself. Prince Andrew is "really trying to revive his ruined reputation," Oliveri added.

There were reports that Prince Charles and Prince William were dismayed when the Queen chose Prince Andrew as her escort at the memorial service. Some wondered if the Duke of York would also be part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration and Oliveri shared her opinion about it.

"Andrew is not meant to have any official role in the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June, however, it looks like he could be trying to force his way in there and this will no doubt be another scandal for the monarchy," she said.

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How Did The Netizens React To Queen Elizabeth Choosing Prince Andrew As Her Escort

Queen Elizabeth is the boss and she made this clear by getting what she wants by having her favorite son, Prince Andrew, as her escort to her late husband's memorial service. The senior members of the royal family were reportedly against the idea, but the Queen makes the final decision.

Many were furious at the sight of the Queen with the disgraced royal and criticized her decision.

"Allowing shamed Prince Andrew to escort the Queen was a colossal mistake — my take on using a memorial service to rehabilitate a shunned royal," Daily Mirror associate editor Kevin Maguire tweeted.  

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"So again the Royal Family shows how arrogant & out of touch they are with Prince Andrew escorting the Queen at Prince Phillip's memorial. Whilst accepting his right to attend, he should have entered by a private entrance & sat out of sight. He is a disgrace. Time for a republic," another added.  

Meanwhile, some also supported the Queen's decision because it was a family gathering. Also, Prince Andrew is Prince Philip's son and should be there.

"Of course, this is a service for Prince Andrew's father. He lost a parent last year. And the Queen, now a widow, needed a family member to support her," ITV News royal editor Chris Ship wrote. "This was also her firm wish. But given the damage Andrew has done to his mother's institution — it was a bold move by the Queen."  

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"After 70 years of service, if she wants her son's support at her husband's funeral, who are we to question or deny her? He settled with Ms. Guiffre and will no longer be in public life, which is enough," another user added.  


Royal biographer Robert Jobson told People that the Queen chose her second son because he is the only one, among her four children, who doesn't have a partner.

"She has faith in Andrew. Even if he disappears from public life, he's been able to pay tribute to his father, who after all, was very proud of his service in the Royal Navy, where he fought in the Falkland Islands conflict," Jobson added.

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