Queen Elizabeth Shock: Her Majesty Reportedly Made A Statement To Archbishop Of Canterbury About The Prospect Of Her Abdicating The Throne

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Credit: BBC News/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth II clarified her stand on the prospect of abdication when she talked to former Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey. Apparently, Her Majesty and Lord Carey discussed their future and career and there was something that the archbishop did that the monarch said she would never do.

Queen Elizabeth II Would Never Follow This Career Decision From Former Archbishop

Queen Elizabeth is the fourth longest-reigning monarch in history. She is the UK's longest-reigning monarch after surpassing Queen Victoria seven years ago.

In an unofficial biographer about the Queen, royal author Sally Bedell recalled when the monarch allegedly spoke with the Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey. Bedell shared the details in her book Elizabeth The Queen, based on 200 interviews with Her Majesty's relatives, friends, courtiers and politicians.

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"When Carey went to her to say he was ready to retire as Archbishop of Canterbury in 2002, she sighed and said, ‘Oh, that’s something I can’t do," Smith claimed as quoted by Express. "I am going to carry on to the end."

Dr. Ed Owens, the royal expert and historian, also shared the same opinion. For him, it's "very unlikely" the Queen would ever step down from the throne because she has since considered abdication a "bad word" in the royal family. He added that King Edward VIII's scandal, when he abdicated the throne to marry American twice-divorced Wallis Simpson, is the reason abdication is off the cards for the Queen because it paved the way for her father and, eventually, her, to lead the monarchy.

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Queen Elizabeth Will Only Abdicate In One Condition

The Queen has no intention of leaving the throne. Abdication is not on the cards unless her health deteriorates and things take a turn for the worse.

"I think it is highly unlikely unless a future monarch of Britain is physically unable to perform the role or they bring the monarchy into disrepute and therefore essentially ‘resign’ and pass on the role of monarch in the hope that it will ensure the survival of the crown," Dr. Owens told Express.

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"If she was to become very unwell, it might be that Elizabeth II essentially ‘retires’ from all public roles handing over power and leadership of the monarchy to her successor as part of what is termed a ‘regency.’ There is more recent precedent for this going back to the late 18th century when George III’s eldest son ruled as his proxy due to the monarch’s ill health."

Angela Levin shared the same sentiment. She told GB News that the current monarch will never abdicate and the heir apparent is aware of it.

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"This is what she promised in her early 20s when she became the monarch and she’s very religious. She asked God to help her and I don’t think she’ll want to cross that path," Levin said. "But I also imagine she’s got a lot of common sense and if she’s then ill or she feels that her mind is not working sharply as it still is, she might do something."


The Queen also allegedly said that she would never abdicate unless she would have Alzheimer's or stroke. Apparently, she is determined to serve until her last breath.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the Queen and the other members of the royal family.

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