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Queen Elizabeth Shock: Britons Reportedly Think It's Time For Monarch To Abdicate, Support Heirs Prince Charles And Prince William

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Queen Elizabeth is well-loved and supported by the Britons. Many couldn't imagine monarchy without her. However, many also believe that it's time for the 96-year-old monarch to abdicate and pave the way for their apparent, Prince Charles, and her grandson, Prince William.

Queen Elizabeth Should Abdicate Paved The Way For Prince Charles: Poll

OnePulse held a survey of 865 people, and the result was shocking, according to Express. For the first time, the majority of Britons, about 54.57%, agreed that it's time for the British monarch to step down and abdicate. They want the Queen to hand over the responsibilities to the heir apparent — the Prince of Wales.

Of the 865 respondents, many also called for Prince William to be the next monarch, which is unlikely to happen because the royal family strictly follows the royal succession. Prince Charles is set to take over the throne after his mother.

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Despite that, many still want the Duke of Cambridge to be the next head of the monarchy. About 64.74% said that the Prince of Wales is desperate to become king and should allow the line of succession to skip a generation and make his son the next king.

The poll also asked, "Who would make the better King in 2022... Charles OR William?" An overwhelming 73.06% voted for Prince William, which only showed that the Duke of Cambridge has remained more popular than his father. The survey was carried out between May 10 and June 30.

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Queen Elizabeth Is Expected To Abdicate After Platinum Jubilee

The Queen has mobility issues and has skipped a number of major events in the past weeks and months, including the Commonwealth service and State Opening of Parliamentary. Her absence at the latter raised many eyebrows, with some questioning if she could still carry out her rules.

The people still love the Queen, and they do not want her to push herself too much because, for them, she has already done enough. Some royal experts believed that she would use the Regency Act, which is the first step to abdicating the throne, according to Clive Irving, founding editor of the Sunday Times.

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Irving believed that the Queen will make Prince Charles a Prince Regent after the Platinum Jubilee celebration next month.

"It’s critical to grasp a point that gets easily overlooked because there is so little precedent to guide it: She does not have to die in the saddle, like Victoria, after a rapid decline," Irving told the Daily Beast.

"There is nothing in the protocols to say that. So the sane thing would be to have her abdicate. The use of the Regency Act is the first step towards abdication, which, I suspect, will happen once the Jubilee is over."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the royal family.

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