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Prince William, Prince Harry Shock: Princess Diana's Friend Allegedly Hinting About Rivalry, Jealousy, And Competition Between Duke Of Cambridge And Duke Of Sussex

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Prince William and Prince Harry are allegedly having a beef. Princess Diana's friend shared something on Instagram about a broken family and how "jealousy and competition" played a part in the division, making some royal experts wonder if it had something to do with the royal siblings.

Is There Jealousy And Competition Between Prince William And Prince Harry?

The late Princess of Wales' close pal Julia Samuel, also a grief counselor, shared a compelling message on Instagram.

"At the root of fracture and heartbreak in families there is often jealousy and competition for what can be seen as the limited resource of love in all those forms," the message read. "It plays out in misery and hurt, and in the consequent battles of siblings and couples or in intergenerational rivalry."

The post made some royal experts, including Richard Eden, think if it had something to do with the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex. Prince Charles and Princess Diana's sons were so close, but they are rumored to be feuding for years after Prince Harry married Meghan Markle.

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"Now, the bereavement counsellor and psychotherapist has posted this intriguing message online to promote her new book Every Family Has A Story…..Is she trying to send a message to Princes William and Harry?" Eden wrote in the latest column for Mail Plus, Express reported.

Prince Harry said during his interview with Oprah Winfrey last year that his father and brother were "trapped" within the royal system. "They don’t get to leave. And I have huge compassion for that," he added.

The statement raised many eyebrows, with multiple sources claiming Prince Harry's statement was not true because the Prince of Wales and Duke of Cambridge didn't feel that way. Both are future kings and have been prepared for their future roles in the monarchy.

Meanwhile, Prince Harry's future in the firm has been vague, especially after Prince William started his own family, pushing the Duke of Sussex further down the line of succession.

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Prince Harry And Prince William Have Tricky Relationship And  Become 'Somewhat Rivalrous'

Tina Brown, a royal biographer, spoke with Marie Claire about the royal princes' relationship while promoting her newest book, The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor—The Truth and the Turmoil. According to her, Prince Charles' sons have become "rivalrous."

"[With William and Harry], it was always going to become tricky," she told the outlet. "They had already become somewhat rivalrous in their outlooks to each other."

The expert added that when Prince Harry left the Army after being part of it for 10 years, things started to go wrong for the younger royal. The Duke of Sussex allegedly started to ask, "What's for me?"

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"A lot of his interests were quite similar to William’s—environmentalism, conservation, Africa, all of these things Harry was interested in, too. It began to feel like, 'Why is William getting all of these great portfolios and I have to sort of wait and take his second dibs?'" Brown explained.

"Well, the answer is because you’re the second in line. William was always going to be able to choose what he wants to do. So that was always going to be a bit tricky."

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Prince William, Prince Harry, and the other members of the royal family.

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