Queen Elizabeth Heartbreak: Prince Charles Taking Over Monarch's Traditional Christmas Speech Amid Health Scare And Abdication Rumors? Her Majesty Unveils Adorable Snaps With Prince Charlotte And Prince George

Credit: CNBC Television/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: CNBC Television/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth has been raising concerns about her health after she spent a night in hospital for the first time in years in October. The palace confirmed Her Majesty’s visit in a medical center but did not provide further details about the queen’s condition nor the nature of the tests she went through.

Because of this, many followers of the royal family started to think that Queen Elizabeth may step down soon and give the crown and the throne to the heir apparent, Prince Charles. Abdication rumors continue making rounds online after Her Majesty let the Prince of Wales take over some of her responsibilities and tasked him to show up in a number of royal engagements on her behalf.

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Now, new reports suggested that Queen Elizabeth is also letting Prince Charles “Take over” her traditional Christmas speech. Keep on reading to know more details.

Queen Elizabeth To Skip Her Traditional Christmas Speech?

Royal insiders, as per Neil Sean, claimed that Prince Charles is being considered to take over Queen Elizabeth’s traditional Christmas speech should the monarch continues to feel unwell. Buckingham Palace has released no update since Her Majesty decided to ditch the Remembrance Sunday celebrations in November to focus on her recuperation.

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The royal expert shared:

“Her Majesty may not be fit enough to address the nation on Christmas Day. It wasn't alarming or anything like that but basically, you know when you feel a bit off it and you don't feel your best. She’s the lady who always looks glamorous in my opinion, you wouldn’t want television canvas and try to get through reading. His Royal Highness Prince Charles would have to step in and address the nation on Christmas Day. That particular broadcast is one of the highest-rating of the year over here at 3 p.m in the United Kingdom. Literally the world stops, teacups clamp down, we stop eating our Christmas cake and we all listen to what Her Majesty has had to say."

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Neil Sean went on to say that, as per Express UK:

“We've noted recently when she’s addressed the nation for the pandemic and other situations more you know concurrent with what's happening in the world. She does have a huge impact, let’s not forget just how impactful she was when she spoke to all of those people at COP26 and it seems unthinkable that we will never hear let's see at least at one point in one day from our glorious Majesty again. Thankfully though as I've said before here on the channel she's on the mend up and down and gearing up ready to record her Christmas Day speech we believe at Windsor now it will be broadcast on all major channels.”

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Most, if not all, royal fans are aware that Queen Elizabeth has started giving the annual Christmas speech in 1952 after the shocking death of her father George VI. The first-ever televised Christmas speech of Her Majesty was in 1957, where she stated:

“I very much hope that this new medium will make my Christmas message more personal and direct. It is inevitable that I should seem a rather remote figure to many of you. A successor to the Kings and Queens of history; someone whose face may be familiar in newspapers and films but who never really touches your personal lives. But now at least for a few minutes I welcome you to the peace of my own home.”

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It remains to be seen Prince Charles would still be taking over Queen Elizabeth’s traditional Christmas speech this year, especially after her first appearance in two weeks as concerns mount over the monarch’s state of health. On Wednesday, Her Majesty was snapped holding a crowd at Windsor Castle and was seen smiling as she gave a medal on concert organist Thomas Trotter while standing close to a chair.

Queen Elizabeth Unveils Unseen Photos Of Prince George And Princes Charlotte

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth revealed a previously unseen image of her happily holding Princess Charlotte in her lap. Eagle-eyed fans, per PageSix, noticed the said image when Her Majesty presented Thomas Trotter with The Queen’s Medal for Music in a small ceremony.

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Also seen in the photograph was the late Prince Philip and their great-grandchildren Prince George, Isla, Savannah and Mia. The said snap of Queen Elizabeth with her husband and great-grandkids appears to have been taken sometime in 2016, when Princess Charlotte was around 18 months.

Royal observers also noticed another familiar photo close to Queen Elizabeth at Wednesday’s royal affair. It was a group photo of Prince Louis taken in 2018.

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It is claimed that Queen Elizabeth and the other members of the royal family would gather in Sandringham Palace this Christmas, which marks the very first one without Prince Philip who died in April. However, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Archie and Lilibet are not expected to attend the royal bash as they are likely to spend it in the United States.

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