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Meghan Markle Fury: Prince Harry's Wife Rejected Kate Middleton's Notes And Gifts? Former Actress To Reportedly Outshine Prince William And Duchess Of Cambridge

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Credit: POPSUGAR Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are rumored to be not on good terms just like their husbands, Prince William and Prince Harry, respectively. It is claimed that the two duchesses could not agree in numerous things and the rift of their better half has allegedly affected their relationship as well.

The press held Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle to different standards and used snaps of the Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex as proofs of tension. Their friendship was derailed, which is very much similar to Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson’s relationship.

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While others continue to speculate that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are still actively feuding, new reports suggested that the mom of three reached out to Prince Harry’s wife following the birth of Lilibet. Keep on reading to know more details.

Kate Middleton Reached Out To Meghan Markle After Lilibet’s Birth?

American journalist Kinsey Schofield reported that Kate Middleton tried reaching out to Meghan Markle after latter delivered Lilibet. The wife of Prince William reportedly sent gifts and notes to the former Suits actress to celebrate the arrival of the new royal baby.

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However, Kinsey claimed that Meghan Markle rejected Kate Middleton’s thoughtful gestures amid the ongoing feud between the Cambridges and Sussexes. The To Di For host shared:

“Kate, kind of really aggressively reached out to Meghan after the birth of lily and was denied. I had no clue about that but it didn't surprise me I thought of course Kate did that so sweet."

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Christian Andersen, another American journalist, said of Kate Middleton:

“Yeah! She’s very kind person, I mean you always get this from people who have encountered her, worked with her, know her, she's kind and she gets a bum rap as kind as being a kind of a cold fish. I think people think she's so controlled and frankly, a lot of women have told me they consider it to be awfully thin but she has this little tight group of people around her. Maybe, a half dozen people at the most, and she doesn't let people in that much but I think when Lili was born she could connect with Meghan in that way as well. Unfortunately, nobody in the royal family has met her yet.”

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In June, an unnamed royal insider told Us Weekly that Kate Middleton has been “reaching out” to Meghan Markle to build up their strained relationship. The tipster said:

“Kate has been reaching out to Meghan a lot more since [Lilibet] was born, she’s sending [notes and] gifts and trying to build up a relationship. The firm has been instructing staffers to reach out more to Harry and Meghan to get them to soften a bit.”

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Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have been plagued with spat speculations. However, it was later learned that Prince William and Prince Harry were actually the ones who are experiencing some tension between themselves.

The unidentified royal insider furthered:

“They were never that close, but the reason they’re not speaking is because of the rift between Prince Harry and Prince William. Harry and William have communicated sparingly over the last year, but none of their communications have been friendly in quite some time. There is real animosity that the brothers have toward one another, and that has spilled over to Meghan and Kate’s relationship, making it very hard for them to be friends or even friendly.”

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Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have yet to comment on the reports about their alleged rift. So, devoted followers of Prince William and Prince Harry’s wives should take all of these unverified claims lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

Meghan Markle To Outshine Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Meanwhile, a royal biographer claimed Meghan Markle has sparked concern she would overshadow Prince William and Kate Middleton with her popularity. Andrew Monton claimed the royal family is worried that the wife of Prince Harry could reach – if not surpass – the popularity of the late Princess Diana.

Andrew shared Meghan Markle is likely to “overshadow” Prince William and Kate Middleton. The royal biographer added the royal family has long been adamant the highest-ranking members must take precedence and junior members should avoid stealing the limelight.

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In a recent discussion with American journalist Kinsey Schofield, Andrew Morton stated:

“Well this is what was being said at the time. And remember we didn't have social media when Diana was around and now we do so you can be incredibly well known globally very quickly. I think that what happens is that in the Royal Family, it's all about the position not popularity now. Let me take you back to the 1960s when Princess Margaret married Lord Snowden a photographer and they were the most popular people on the planet alongside Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.”

Most, if not all, royal fans are aware that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took their positions as working senior royals after their extravagant wedding in 2018. However, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to step down less than two years into the royal engagement due to the spiking pressure that their desire to become financially independent from the royal family.

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