Queen Elizabeth Heartbreak: Monarch Phoned Prince Charles To Convince Him She’s Well Even If She’s Not Following Her Health Scares?

Credit: BBC News/YouTube

Credit: BBC News/YouTube

The past couple of weeks have been very challenging for Queen Elizabeth. Following her overnight stay at a hospital for an undisclosed illness, palace insiders revealed that the monarch also sprained her back right because Remembrance Day Sunday.

As such, Queen Elizabeth was forced to cancel at least three of her royal engagements including her trip to Glasgow for the Climate Change Summit.

Following the monarch’s health issues, palace insiders said that the queen is in good spirits. Even Prime Minister Boris Johnson told said that the queen is doing well following her recent health scare.

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Prince Charles, Royal Family Worried About Queen Elizabeth

Woman’s Day, in its Nov. 29 issue, claimed that the royal family is worried about the queen even though she’s been assuring them that she’s fine.

A source claimed that Prince Charles is the one who’s stressing over the queen’s health the most. So, Her Majesty was forced to phone her eldest son to appease him.

“It has been reported that she personally phoned her son, Prince Charles to insist all is well and that he should push ahead with his plans to visit the Middle East with his wife, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall,” the publication claimed.

Even though the queen has been telling her loved ones that she’s OK and healthy, no one allegedly believes her.

“For the queen to miss the Remembrance Sunday service – something she never usually misses out on, especially given her own role in the war – it must be very serious. It wasn’t the same without her,” an unnamed source said.

Prince Charles Knows Queen Elizabeth Cannot Work As Hard As Before

The monarch’s health continues to make headlines days after Prince Charles told said that his mom is alright, but at 95 it’s not quite as easy as it used to be.

Royal reporter Victoria Murphy said that this shows that Prince Charles and the royal family know that the queen cannot be as visible or as busy as she once was.

“I think it's interesting that we've seen her in these speeches recently reminding us about no one being immune to the aging process. These little lines that are dropped in that are very easy to read into. Then Charles was asked recently as well about it and basically, his words were to the effect of, she's 95 and it's just not possible. I feel that gives us a very strong sense of the direction now that there is this wide acknowledgment that she cannot be as visible or as busy,” Murphy said via Express.

“[Palace aides] are balancing this issue of her being very elderly and entitled to medical privacy being head of state and when the public does need to know. I think it's probably fair to say that they're not going to release all the information. There are probably lots of details that we're not aware of but when it comes to stuff that they do put out, I don't believe there is any question in the accuracy of that. It's more what else going on that we're not fully getting,” Murphy added.

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Queen Elizabeth’s Purple Hands Makes Headlines

Other than the queen’s recent health scare, there have also been speculations regarding the monarch’s possible health conditions, especially after she was spotted with what looked liked bruised hands.

According to the Indian Express, it’s possible for the queen to be suffering from Raynaud’s phenomenon, which surfaces dues to decreased blood flow in the body.

In the photo uploaded on the Royal Family’s Instagram account, the queen and General Sir Carter’s hands appear purple. It’s possible that this had something to do with lighting in the room or because the room was a bit too cold for both individuals.

As of late, the palace has not commented on the queen’s purple hands, which could also be caused by bruising.

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