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Queen Elizabeth Died Due to the COVID-19 Vaccine? Another Conspiracy Theory Claimed Meghan Markle Wore a Shirt With ‘The Queen Is Dead’ Statement, Proven to Be False

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth's death is still being mourned across the entire globe. Even if it's been a couple of days, no one knows what exactly was the cause of the Queen's passing. Some people believe that it might have something to do with old age because this is the same information written on Prince Philip's death certificate.

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Queen Elizabeth Did Not Die Due To The COVID-19 Vaccine

The lack of information regarding the cause of Queen Elizabeth's death paved the way for several conspiracy theories to be created by trolls. For instance, there are claims that Her Majesty died because of the COVID-19 vaccine.

At first glance, it's easy to conclude that the conspiracy theory is baseless because the Queen was vaccinated and boosted sometime ago. Still, some trolls insisted that the vaccine was the reason behind the Queen's passing.

"The covid vaccines target old people, look at the queen," one royal fan tweeted (via Poynter).

"The queen was poisoned with the vaccine," another person wrote.

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Meghan Markle Accused Of Disrespecting The Queen After Her Death This Way

And then there were allegations claiming that Meghan Markle disrespected the Queen after her passing because she wore a shirt with the statement "The Queen is Dead" written on it.

However, careful inspection revealed that the photo was edited. In the original snap, Markle is wearing a white t-shirt and not a black shirt.

The Duchess of Sussex was also accused of wearing a hidden microphone at the Queen's memorial service simply because trolls noticed a bit of a crumple on her dress, according to Business Insider.

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Queen Elizabeth Ultimately Died Of A Broken Heart

But royal author Katie Nicholl provided a more likely reason why the Queen peacefully died at the age of 96 in Balmoral on Sept. 8.

While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Nicholl said that the Queen ultimately died of a broken heart. Even though this isn't her official cause of death, this makes sense because Her Majesty passed away just over a year after Prince Philip died.

The Queen's days, weeks, and months must have been very long and hard without the Duke of Edinburgh by her side. After all, they were married for seven decades.

"That moment where the Queen's coffin was lowered down into the royal vault was very, very powerful. Very emotional. The King found that very, very difficult to watch. But actually, what viewers may not realize, is the Queen had this all worked out, because in that same royal vault, currently lying, is the Duke of Edinburgh's coffin, and they will both be interned together in this private ceremony, which won't be televised, which will only be for immediate family," she said.

"And it was her wish, that he waited for her in the royal vault. She said, 'Don't open up my father's vault,' which is where they will all end up together, because she knew she wouldn't be long after, and she wanted that final journey to be made with Phillip by her side," Nicholl added.

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