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Queen Elizabeth’s Death Reportedly Reignited Comparisons Between Meghan Markle, Princess Diana, Criticisms of Queen Consort Camilla Dubbed ‘Cowmilla’

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Elizabeth's death was felt in most parts of the world. But while the royal family and their supporters mourned the passing of Her Majesty, the queen's death reportedly paved the way for Meghan Markle and Queen Consort Camilla to be trolled online.

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Meghan Markle Accused Of Copying Princess Diana's Outfit During Queen Elizabeth's Funeral

On TikTok, several fan-made accounts uploaded photos of Meghan Markle during the queen's funeral at Westminster Abbey. Some trolls claimed that the Duchess of Sussex copied Princess Diana's look several years ago.

But Business Insider pointed out that Markle's outfit at the queen's funeral was different from the ones used to compare her with Princess Diana. The photo in question was taken in 2019 when the Duchess of Sussex attended Remembrance Day.

After Markle quit The Firm, she revealed that someone once told her that she was the most trolled person online, both male and female. This surprised the mom of two because her critics kept ranking her at the top even while she didn't make public appearances because she was pregnant with her son, Archie.

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Queen Consort Camilla Called A Witch, A Had, And An Old Bag After Her Affair Was Exposed

And then there's Queen Consort Camilla, who has become one of the most respected members of the royal family. But several years ago, King Charles III's wife was called a number of names like witch and hag, and she was also accused of destroying Princess Diana's marriage.

"It's actually almost inconceivable how much abuse Camilla took. I mean, she was called hag, old bag, witch. I mean, these were the kind of words that were used about Camilla for years," royal author Tina Brown told The Washington Post earlier this year.

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Queen Consort Camilla Dubbed 'Cowmilla' After Queen Elizabeth's Death

After she received her new royal title, some trolls uploaded side-by-side photos of her and Princess Diana. They captioned the photo as "Britain's real queen" and "Britain's new queen." It's not difficult to guess with the title referred to as the queen consort.

But despite the criticisms that both women received since the queen passed away, there's still no discounting the fact that they both have a loyal fanbase.

For instance, some royal fans slammed Kate Middleton after she seemingly forgot to give way to Markle so that she and Prince Harry could sit in their rows first.

And more and more Britons have grown to love and respect Queen Consort Camilla, and they have also been welcoming her new royal title. After all, it was the queen who wanted her daughter-in-law to be styled as such.

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