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Queen Consort Camilla Shock: King Charles’ Wife Allegedly Thinks Prince Harry Is Hypocritical for Questioning Her Friendship With Journalists, Plans to Fight Back

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Queen Consort Camilla recently found herself at the center of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare. In its pages, the Duke of Sussex shared his thoughts about King Charles marrying his stepmom. Even though Prince Harry made it clear that he never saw Queen Consort Camilla as an evil stepmom, he still called her dangerous.

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Queen Consort Camilla Allegedly Thinks Prince Harry’s Attacks Against Her Are Hypocritical

King Charles’ wife has not responded to Prince Harry’s claims. But New Idea alleged that Queen Consort Camilla has been doing some deep thinking about the whole situation.

An unnamed source claimed that Queen Consort Camilla thinks Prince Harry’s attacks are hypocritical, especially when he accused her of leaking stories to the press to rehabilitate her image.

For the former Duchess of Cornwall, there is nothing wrong with being friends with British journalists.

“Harry’s made it seem like having friends who are reporters is the ultimate sin, but Camilla won’t be shamed into ditching some of her oldest contacts. Camilla thinks Harry’s attack is hypocritical, and he’s done himself no favors by painting her in such a distasteful light. After all her hard work, she feels she has no choice but to fight back,” the source said.

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King Charles In Talks With His Lawyers Following Prince Harry’s Attacks On Him And Queen Consort Camilla?

King Charles, on the other hand, is reportedly very protective of Queen Consort Camilla. For now, he is unable to respond to Prince Harry’s attacks, but there are whispers that he has been in touch with his lawyers.

“Publicly, the King is saying nothing, and privately, while he might be saying nothing to Harry, he is talking a lot – to his lawyers. Harry is volatile and anything Charles says can and will be used against him, he knows that now. There is some chatter he should hit back legally about Harry’s insinuations,” the source said.

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King Charles Might Not Invite Prince Harry To His Coronation Because Of His Attacks On Queen Consort Camilla?

In October, a source close to King Charles claimed that he will most likely not invite Prince Harry to his coronation if he slams Queen Consort Camilla in his memoir. And that’s exactly what the Duke of Sussex did.

“Almost everything Charles has done over the past twenty years has, in one way or another, been about getting Camilla accepted by the public. He loves her. He is incredibly protective of her and he couldn’t do it without her. Even the queen finally accepted that. It is one thing for Harry to attack Charles, he can take it on the chin, but if Harry forces him to choose, by laying into Camilla in his book, I have no doubt he will choose Camilla,” the source told The Daily Beast.

Other than King Charles, some of Queen Consort Camilla’s friends also defended her against Prince Harry’s claims. One of them said that the last thing that Queen Consort Camilla wanted was to be queen.

“Literally the last thing she could care about is being queen. It’s absurd, and anyone who knows her knows it is absurd. All she ever wanted was to support the man she loved,” the source said (via The New York Post).

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