Prince Harry Heartbreak: King Charles’ Youngest Son Reportedly Decided to See Queen Elizabeth’s Lifeless Body After Years of Dealing With Regret From Not Seeing Princess Diana’s

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: The Royal Family/YouTube Screenshot

Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth shared a special bond with each other. During a recent interview, the Duke of Sussex revealed that he and his grandmother were very close. He also said that one of the things that he misses most about the queen is her cheeky sense of humor.

"My grandmother and I were very close, and we very much did have a special relationship. I miss her dearly, as well as her cheeky sense of humor and quick wit. I'm also really happy for her. She lived a full life and is now reunited with her husband," he told People.

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Prince Harry Shares The Heartbreaking Moment He Found Out That Queen Elizabeth's Health Took A Turn?

In his memoir Spare, Prince Harry only had wonderful things to say about Queen Elizabeth. So, learning about the queen's passing right when his plane descended was truly heartbreaking for Meghan Markle's husband.

According to Prince Harry, he messaged and called Prince William to ask for updates regarding Queen Elizabeth's health, but he never replied. It was King Charles who phoned him to inform him that the queen's health had taken a turn.

King Charles also invited Prince Harry to join the royal family in Balmoral to see the queen for the last time. However, the monarch told his son that he couldn't bring Markle with him.

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Prince Harry Gathered Up The Courage To See Queen Elizabeth's Lifeless Body Because He Wanted Proof?

The Duke of Sussex detailed what it was like seeing the queen's lifeless body in Balmoral. He said that it brought memories of his late mother, Princess Diana.

"I braced myself and went in. The room was dimly lit, unfamiliar – I'd been inside it only once in my life. I moved ahead uncertainly, and there she was. I stood, frozen, staring. I stared and stared. It was difficult, but I kept on, thinking how I'd regretted not seeing my mother at the end. Years of lamenting that lack of proof, postponing my grief for want of proof. Now I thought: Proof. Careful what you wish for," he wrote (via Cheat Sheet).

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Prince Harry Says He And Queen Elizabeth Are Very Close, Spoke On The Phone 4 Days Before Her Death

The dad of two also revealed that he and the queen spoke on the phone four days before she passed away. And they talked about the most random things.

"Four days earlier, long chat on the phone. [We] touched on many topics. Her health, of course. The turmoil at Number 10," he wrote.

However, Prince Harry was also criticized for one of the stories he told about the queen. According to him, Her Majesty just sat there without saying anything as Prince William and King Charles berated him following his decision to quit The Firm.

"So, if the Queen, the monarch, isn't running the shop, then who is?" Today host Brooke Boney wondered.

Prince Harry also claimed that he never hugged his grandmother. During the queen's 2002 Jubilee, the Duke of Sussex saw the queen tapping her feet in excitement, and he wanted to wrap his arms around her but couldn't.

"To see her tapping her foot and swaying in time, I wanted to hug her. But of course, I didn't. Out of the question. I never had done and couldn't imagine any circumstance under which such an act would be sanctioned," he said.

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