Queen Camilla, King Charles Shock: Royal Couple Reportedly Have 'Toxic' Relationship, Almost Got Divorced

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Credit: Queen Camilla, King Charles Shock: Royal Couple Reportedly Have 'Toxic' Relationship

Queen Camilla and King Charles have been married for nearly two decades already. However, even if they appear happy most of the time, their marriage isn't as perfect as it seems.

Queen Camilla And King Charles Close To Getting Divorce?

The king and queen consort had a moderate wedding compared to his big day with Princess Diana. However, many believe King Charles is happy with his current wife compared to his first spouse.


But just like other marriages, their relationship isn't smooth sailing. It reportedly came to a point when they almost got divorced.

"It's no wonder Charles and Camilla have such a toxic relationship," a palace insider told Radar Online. "Their union is built on the bones of their previous marriages that they destroyed."

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An insider claimed that Prince William's father and stepmother nearly got divorced. Camilla's father, Bruce Shand, reportedly disapproved of the royal for his daughter but didn't get to witness how their marriage was falling apart.

Shand died in 2006, just a year after King Charles married Camilla. He was 89. He "didn’t live to see how stormy and vicious his daughter’s second marriage has become,” an insider said in 2019.

"Charles and Camilla have been on the verge of a divorce for years," the tipster said.

Although Camilla's dad didn't like His Majesty, he reportedly grudgingly accepted their relationship. Meanwhile, the current king had reportedly "grew fond" of his father-in-law and admired his "courage, wit and impeccable manners."


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King Charles, Queen Camilla's Divorce Rumors Revisited

There were various rumors about King Charles and Queen Camilla's marriage. At one point, there were speculations that they were about to divorce.

One report claimed that Queen Elizabeth demanded King Charles to divorce his second wife to end the controversy hounding the royal family before she died.


The royal couple allegedly "secretly filed divorce papers," but Camilla wanted all details of the divorce to be public because she wanted the people to know what exactly happened behind closed doors. The former Duchess of Cornwall also allegedly demanded a $213 divorce settlement.

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King Charles was allegedly "panic-stricken" and "nearly suicidal" and begged the court to keep the proceedings confidential to avoid more scandals as it could bring down the monarchy. However, the report was debunked as there was no proof to support the claim.

So, one should take the reports about King Charles and Queen Camilla's marriage with a grain of salt.


Stay tuned for more news and updates about King Charles and Camilla.

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