Queen Consort Camilla Shock: King Charles' Wife Will Face Princess Diana Karma In 2023, Astrologer Claims

Credit: Today/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: Today/YouTube Screenshot

Queen Consort Camilla will face karma for what she did in the past. Read on to know if it has something to do with her affair with King Charles while he was married to Princess Diana.

Karma Will Come After Queen Consort Camilla, Astrologer Claims

Astrologer Jessica Adams weighed in on what awaits the queen consort in 2023. According to her, Queen Consort Camilla will receive karma for what she did in the past.

"By karma, we mean that what you did to others will come back to you in some way," Adams told Express. "If you are owed by others, you will be repaid, and if you owe others spiritually, you will have to repay."

King Charles' wife will reportedly receive karma for two periods of her life. The periods include Dec. 6, 2004, to June 22, 2006, and April 20, 1986, to Nov. 8, 1987.

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She added that what "Camilla did to others in her extended family comes back to her."

A lot of karma will reportedly be between the period of Dec. 26, 2004, to June 22, 2006. King Charles and Camilla made their first public appearance in 1999 at her sister's birthday party. They announced their engagement in 2005 and got married on April 0, 2005.

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Queen Consort Camilla To Face Karma From Princess Diana?

The period that Adams predicted included the time when Charles and Camilla rekindled their romance while they were still married to their first spouses, Princess Diana and Andrew Parker Bowles, respectively. Adams predicted that Camilla would face "karma from Diana."

"In 1986 Camilla had an affair with Charles, which he confirmed to his official biographer Jonathan Dimbleby," the expert noted.

In King Charles' interview with Jonathan Dimbleby, he admitted the extramarital affair that Princess Diana alleged in her interview with Martin Bashir. According to Prince William and Prince Harry's mom, their relationship didn't work because "there were three of us in this marriage," implying Charles and Camilla's affair.

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For his part, King Charles said that he tried to be faithful to his wife until their marriage had "irretrievably broken down."

"Camilla, born July 17, 1947 at 7am in London is a Sun Cancer woman with karma involving her extended family running from July 17, 2023, until January 11, 2025," she explained.

"In astrology karma is shown by the North Node and South Node, which move backwards in time and bring the past back, for closure. It is usually a time of reckoning. Her birthday in 2023 is a milestone with the end of one phase of her life with Charles and the beginning of another."

She added that the karma from Princess Diana would eventually end.

"The karma between Charles, Diana and Camilla ends on that day, July 17," she predicted with the "beginning of the end" starting in March.

What can you say about the astrologer's prediction?

Stay tuned for more news and updates about Queen Consort Camilla.

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