Purrgil: Ahsoka's Space Whales Explained

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Ahsoka Purrgil Explained
Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

Ahsoka Episode 5 re-introduces the Purrgil, aka the space whales that carried Ezra and Thrawn to another galaxy. So, what are the Purrgil exactly? Find out more about them here!

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First Things First; What Are the Purrgil Like?

What Are the Purrgil Like
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Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm

The Purrgil is a type of space whale that floats instead of swimming. They live in deep space and their massive bodies vary in size.

A regular Purrgil is about as big as a starship, while the Ultra Purrgil are significantly larger.

But Star Wars' space whales, who first appeared in Rebels aren't simple pieces of worldbuilding to show how imaginative the creators can get.

The Purrgil's migration patterns are possible because their physiology allows them to create hyper-tunnels and disappear into hyperspace.

In fact, the technology of humans and other sentient beings in the galaxy was partly inspired by the space whales' movements.

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Purrgil and Their Importance in Star Wars

Purrgil and Their Importance in Star Wars
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Star Wars Rebels contain early implications that the Purrgil can travel not only within the Galaxy but also outside of it.

Since the Purrgil are semi-sentient, Ezra Bridger, who had a great aptitude for communing with animals by means of the Force had likely picked up some information about their migration patterns.

He makes use of these patterns in a heroic sacrifice to remove the threat of Grand Admiral Thrawn, even if it means that the Purrgil will also carry him away.

Ahsoka is concerned with the quest of locating Ezra while preventing Thrawn's return.

Wait, Was Purrgil Travel Always an Option for Ahsoka?

Were the Purrgil Always an Option?
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Credit: Disney/ Lucasfilm

Fans love the return of Purrgil in Ahsoka. For Sabine Wren, their return is an emotional moment, as she hadn't seen them since Ezra's disappearance.

In Episode 5, Ahsoka Tano, who looks for a way to be reunited with her padawan, ends up following the Purrgil, sensing that they'll lead her to her goal.

Using the Force, she communicates with the largest Ultra Purrgil and places her starship in its mouth to go into hyperspace with them.

But this begs a question. Was following the Purrgil always an option, and, if so, why didn't Ahsoka try it earlier?

Presumably, there's an explanation. Maybe the Purrgil don't have a single migration pattern, which would make it hard for Ahsoka to predict if she'd end up where Ezra is.

From what we gather by watching the show's first episodes, most characters don't even believe that Ezra and Thrawn are alive.

Perhaps seeing the Eye of Sion and the overall efforts of Morgan Elsbeth and her collaborators is what confirmed Ahsoka's suspicions.


But if communicating with the Purrgil was always an option, Ezra was wronged. Hopefully, Ahsoka's next episodes will have answers!

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